Friday, 31 May 2019

Dior: Designer of Dreams (part 2)..

It seemed about time for another little instalment of pictures from the Dior exhibit I visited recently, following on from my first post here.


 As a keen amateur dressmaker, one of my favourite things about exploring the Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibit was just to take in the construction of some of the amazing works of art.

Bows on the bodice detail - I'm a sucker for a bow.


I adore the tailored, nipped in waist on this jacket.


Some of the displays showed samples of the fabrics used, and also detailed the design process, which I found pretty fascinating.


The detail on this dress was just incredible. From afar, it looks like feathers, but the effect is made from layers of net and sequins.


It looks amazing up close, and like feathers from further away. 


Everything was incredible - the attention to detail stunning and we're only in the second room (of many). 

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  1. Couldn't you have spent days in there?! I was blown away by the toile room. I would have happily worn those toiles. So amazing. Celyna