Thursday, 20 June 2019

Dior: Designer of Dreams {part 3}..


Walk into the next room and you get a sudden feeling of stepping back into Regency times. Exquisite detailing and tailored shapes.


Again, the nipped in waists giving that 1950s New Look silhouette, which has come to be expected of Dior's designs. 


I particularly liked this design for the embellished bows all down the front seam. Personally I'm not a fan of centre-front seams, but this is a good way of drawing attention away from that. 


Cropped matching jackets - possibly to enhance the waist shape even further? And me sneaking into the reflection of the photo in the background.. 


Frankly, who doesn't need a taffeta trouser suit? I really like the waistcoat detail too. 


So. Much, Embellishment. 

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  1. OOoh, so much gorgeousness!!! I wish I had got to see this! A lady in my orchestra is one of the curators at the V&A and she was telling me all about it and made me wish I had booked tickets!