Friday, 12 July 2019

Faux Taxidermy Triceratops Kit

Faux Taxidermy Triceratops Knitting Kit: Sincerely Louise

Recently, since we are now into the second half of the year, I saw quite a few people posting updates on how they are getting on with their #2019makenine. And it gave me a bit of a metaphorical kick up the bum, because I'm not really on track. 

Basically, I've been letting myself get distracted by all number of things- mostly making as many handmade gifts for people as I possibly can - and combining that with the fact that we're currently working on the living room, which means that a lot of the furniture and general living room stuff has been relocated temporarily into my sewing room, has made it a little harder for a procrastination champ like myself to get on with things. 

Seeing these posts, though, I realised that although so far I've only finished one thing from the list (the Liberty dino dress I posted about here), the second thing was pretty close. So I took my big needle to it and stitched this kit together. 

I think this Sincerely Louise triceratops kit was a birthday present at least two years ago, possibly even longer. It's been one of those things which I wasn't sure when I would get around to doing it, but decided I had no excuse and popped it on the list for this year's challenge.

As it was nicely self-contained with everything I needed, I decided to take it with me on a weekend away recently. It's not uncommon for me to take a knitting project with me, and I decided I could kill two birds with one stone, as it were. I found that with the wool being so chunky, it took me next to no time to get all of the pieces knitted - the pattern and instructions are very easy to follow, which I've found with SL patterns in the past, too. (I've made a badger scarf and a diplodocus scarf in the past, as well as some other things which never made it onto the blog) .

Anyhow, an episode of Lucifer and a bag of stuffing later, and here it is.