Thursday, 22 August 2019

The Corbet bed tapestries..


A few weeks ago I visited the Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery and this was probably my favourite room. The Corbet Bed is on display here (on a long-term loan from the V+A museum), due to it's local links and I was super intrigued by the restoration project and also the matching tapestries. 


The bed was commissioned in 1593 by Robert Corbet, for the master bedroom of Moreton Corbet Castle. It's carved predominantly from walnut wood and when it was relocated to the museum, there was a huge restoration project to create some embroidered replica hanging drapes for the bed, and a bedspread. The work was done by a team of volunteers and took several years to complete. 


Also on display in the same room is the most amazing framed tapestry. I can't seem to find a lot of information about this, but it was incredibly detailed.


Squirrels and castles and bears, oh my! There was an amazing list of items to find in the tapestry, which kept us entertained for ages.


One of my favourite details is the tiny swans (above).


The Corbet bed in all it's completed glory.


Not entirely sure what the animal in the bottom left corner is...dragon?!


Another favourite - the beehives.


Teeny tiny vegetable patches. Super cute!


This one has a travelling circus, arriving in town. And another strange dragon-type creature.

We did wander around the rest of the museum, too, as there was a zombie exhibit on which my sister really wanted to see. Tickets to visit cost £4 for adults and I think that's pretty good for a small, local museum. They put on lots of temporary exhibits and events through the year so there's often something new and different to see. 


  1. That's incredible! That must have taken so many years to complete.

  2. The tapestries are so amazing!

  3. The framed 'tapestries' you mention are in fact the canvas work valences made for the bed. They were designed to show life in Tudor Shropshire and include places and buildings with a particular connection to the Corbet family at that time.