Monday, 27 January 2020

Where did the party go?

We're a month into the new year and I've been pondering just what it means for my little corner of the internet. In fact, for most of my lunch break today my finger has been hovering over the "delete blog" button as I'm just not sure that I have a lot to share on here anymore.

I guess a few things have happened over the past year or so which make blogging (for me) a little different than it used to be. There have been some big changes in my life, which I neither want nor need to share, but lately it's meant that where in the past my first thought may have been to share it, now it feels like more of a chore to keep up with posting over here.


I'm not sure what the future of this little space is. My photo hosting site (Flickr) seem to be sending regular emails about increasing their prices, so I've decided to give myself until the current subscription runs out (November) and see how much I've shared and make a decision after that.

We'll see. And if you're still's 2020 treating you?