Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Butterick B6167..

IMG_5168 IMG_5167

This is a dress I finished a little while ago now - back in May to be exact. But I've not yet found the perfect outfit or time to wear it, and I wanted to talk about it anyway. Although I do tend to stick to the same little collection of dress patterns for my makes, every now and then I spy a pattern which I can't wait to try out, when I've found the perfect fabric for it. And this is where Donna came to my rescue.

She sent me this vintage sheet a few months ago, added into one of my #frockswap15 parcels and as soon as I saw it, I knew this would be my first Butterick B6167.

Another pattern from the Butterick Gertie range, which seems to comprise solely of pretty vintage-inspired patterns (incidentally, how pretty is this swimsuit - future project wishlist!) and this is my second dress pattern from the collection. 

This pattern was pretty simple in it's construction. I love the effect of the boned bodice to give some structure in between the ruched section of the bodice and the gathering at the top of the skirt. The straps are pretty simple to make and are one of the last things to add so I was able to try the dress on and figure out where they needed to be stitched, to get the right length.

Have you tried this pattern? I'm trying to decide on a pair of shoes to wear it with!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tuesday Titles 056..

The Chateau
The Chateau - Irene Thomas

The Sinclair family, torn apart by tragedy, are exposed to media speculation. Mother Veronique is plunged into manic depression and daughter Caterine seems incapable of committing to the prospects of a brilliant academic career. Son, David, takes control, restoring family harmony and happiness. Caterine graduates with an outstanding degree, developing a ruthless ambition to atone for the guilt she feels for that family tragedy. In her subsequent business career Caterine travels extensively achieving many accolades but, in her personal life, love affairs end in sadness and disappointment. During this time, Caterine's sixth sense re-emerges to warn of danger, particularly regarding a close family friend whom she distrusts. Eventually, Caterine finds fulfillment in a loving marriage and happiness prevails. Suddenly as life prospers a mysterious danger confronts her but she fights to defend herself and finds a solution. This "solution" returns to haunt her, to threaten her marriage and her family, while the media wait in anticipation. The question: who can and cannot survive? In this dramatic tale of mystery and suspense set between Scotland and France, we find ourselves witnessing a titanic struggle between love and loyalty versus greed, jealousy and betrayal. The spellbinding conclusion excites the imagination of every reader

I'm not sure why, but my expectations were very different for this book than the reality when I actually read it. I don't know why but the mention of Veronique's mother suffering from manic depression was the part which had resonated with me to begin with. I'd been expecting much more focus on that, for some reason, although perhaps only because my personal circumstances make me hyper sensitive to mention of it.

Anyway, what I actually found was that I had no reason to be wary and the book mostly follows the life of Caterine, for whom things turn out mostly OK. In fact, her life in the wonderful French chateau surroundings is borderline perfect until one fateful night. Something dreadful happens to Caterine and afterwards nothing can ever be the same. Unless, she could keep it a secret. Can she?

The book is wonderfully written with Taylor's fabulous descriptions throwing the reader right into the Scottish and French surroundings. It reminded me of a historical novel, although was actually only set in recent years. And frankly, I was in suspense waiting to find out how Caterine's secret would be discovered.

Have you read anything great, lately?

Monday, 27 July 2015

To market, to market..

Dress: Joules
Cardigan, Satchel: F+F
Sandals: Timeless
Pom Pom Necklace: Gift

This wardrobe clearout has been great for reminding me of some of the things which are still hanging on the rails, not yet worn. This dress, depicting cutesy little French market scenes, is one of those things. Bought in the sale when the Joules store opened in my town, I vaguely remember squirreling it away in one of the wardrobes and there it stayed, until recently where the rail fell out and I had to go through every item one by one to establish whether it was still worthy of a place in there.

Another thing I haven't worn in far too long: this wonderful pom pom necklace, which Alex made for me absolutely beards ago. In fact, here's her tutorial post. I think I like the contrast between the summery pastel print of the dress and the cardigan, and the fact that the woolly nature of pom poms makes me associate them with the colder, winter months. 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sunday Shoes 078..


IMG_5092 IMG_5093 

I have a secret wishlist, which only a couple of people know about. Since spying them on Amber's blog, these shoes have been on there. And when I was presented with them a couple of weeks ago, I discovered they are even more perfect in real life than I'd expected! (Thanks, Mama.)

The bow on the front of the shoe is well-structured and solid and I'm really taken by the beautiful polka dot print. Multi-coloured means endless outfit options, right?

Help me - how would you style these ASOS Poppy heels?

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Write me a letter..

IMG_5089 IMG_5091

I know I've mentioned my love of letter-writing in the past. I don't really ever throw my received letters away - it seems a little wrong to disregard the words which someone has taken the time to write down and send to you. 

This year alone I've sent out 65 letters so far. And received much the same.

So, as you can see, my storage is getting rather full. I'm wondering what any of my fellow letter-writers do with their old correspondence. Do you throw them out? Recycle them? I know that I once saw a post by Alice about turning them into a feature. Which is a wonderful idea, but perhaps not totally practical for me. 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday Favourites 153..

CK Penguins
001: Cath Kidston Penguins Dress
002: Cath Kidston Sausage Dog Brooch

An entirely Cath Kidston wishlist this week. I've found that over the past season, there haven't really been any stand-out pieces for me. Or, I've not liked a feature (like the odd positioning of some ruching or whatever).

However, I take that statement back this season and have reverted to my old CK-loving self.

001: I don't think I can find the words to describe just how much I'd love to have this penguin dress in my life. I'ts my favourite dress of their making, ever. Plus, it's that fabulous bartcloth.

002: I've not really bought into that plastic animal brooch trend which seems to have been taking the world by storm recently (Erstwilder, I'm looking at you) but even so, I'm rather drawn to this little guy. I think his floral coat is a rather cute touch.

What are you wishing for this week?

Thursday, 23 July 2015

What have I forgotten?

Dress: Handmade (Sew Over It Betty pattern) // Shoes: Marks and Spencer
Blazer, Handbag: George* 
Tights: New Look // Necklace, Corsage: H+M

So. A fairly standard work outfit. I kind of feel as though this blazer makes any outfit more work-appropriate. Because otherwise, a dress with teapots on wouldn't be 'totes appropes' for the office? Nor would cat ears. But as soon as you add this magic blazer, I feel suddenly neater. 

My head is pretty full at the moment and I think I'm getting a cold, which is rather poor timing. I hope it doesn't get much worse over the weekend as I'm gearing up for the camp we've been planning for the past couple of years. I'm in that "what have I forgotten?" stage at the moment. But I can't think what I've forgotten.