Friday, 3 July 2015

Friday Favourites 150..

Chie Mihara IMAGINE
001: Chie Mihara IMAGINE sandals, £216.72
ASOS Prioritize
002: ASOS PRIORITISE sandals, £45 

It's all about the shoes this week. I have been absolutely loving the sunny weather we've had this week, although so many people have made me feel as though I'm the only one not trying to hide from the sun. Summer is definitely my favourite season. 

001: These are the summer sandals I'm rather wishing for at present. I've thrown out two pairs of summer shoes this week as they were just falling apart and I've also sent a few more pairs off to their new homes after adding them to my last clothes sale. 
I love the polka dots and most of all the flower on the front of these Chie Mihara sandals, and it pleases me that they have an ankle strap, as I prefer sandals which I know are going to stay on my feet when playing an impromptu game of rounders at guides or something. 

002: These ASOS sandals are just incredible. I'm nothing if not predictable - Sarah spotted these as she was browsing the ASOS site last weekend and told me I'd like them. And I *really* do. My main issue with high sandals like this is that they usually have open toes, which I hate (my toes are horrid and just detract from the effect of the shoes, in my mind anyway), but not this pair. They have instead a lovely round front and I love the design with the mesh insets.

What do you think? Have you been enjoying the sun this week? And what are you wishing for?

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Packing for a weekend getaway..

Dress: Trollied Dolly // Hat: Marks and Spencer 
Sandals: Primark // Bag: Irregular Choice
When I packed to go to Las Vegas last December, I think I travelled lighter than I usually do for a weekend away in the UK. Basically, the reason for that was that I have no idea what the different airline restrictions are on things like luggage, and more importantly hand luggage allowances.

In fact, for that trip I only took one bag with me as hand luggage - my Grafea camera bag, which carried my camera and I also managed to squash in all of the essentials. I used that for my day-to-day handbag for the trip and also took a smaller one for going out in the evenings when I'd generally need to take less with me.

This August I'm off to Paris for a weekend, so I'm hoping that I won't need to take too much with me. I'm considering packing only hand luggage, which would save the need to check a bag in on the plane. That's got to make travelling a little easier, right? Thankfully, the helpful folks at Purple Parking have created this handy little guide to hand luggage allowances across various airlines.

I'm imagining that Paris in August is going to be hot, so I'd wear this tried and tested outfit to travel, and pop a cardigan into my fairly sizeable handbag in case it got colder on the plane. In my handbag, I'd take the essentials like purse and passport, sunglasses and my Kindle as that's just so much easier to read than taking a few books - better on the weight allowance, too. One of my best tips my mum gave me was to always wear a hat rather than trying to pack it - she has a point; they get ruined in a suitcase.

The other thing which really confuses me is toiletries; what I'm allowed to pack and what I'm not. I tend to take the lazy option land when I get to the airport, I'll buy a lip balm, deodorant and one of those water spritz sprays, for when it gets too hot on the plane.

What do you wear to travel? And do you have any travel tips for Paris in August?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Cake in the post..


Can you think of anything more likely to cheer you up when you're having a rotten time of it, than this? I don't think I can.

Well, when these doughnuts arrived through the post a couple of weeks back, they certainly worked to put a smile back on my face after a particularly rotten week. They're baked, so pretty healthy (as doughnuts go, anyway) with a strawberry glaze and dinosaur sprinkles. Yep, basically perfect.

They were very kindly sent to me by the lovely Mike, who blogs over at Bearded Bakery. He wrote about the recipe here. He also runs a little #CakeCarePackage system, where you can put in a request for someone you know to receive some cake to cheer them up.

When Erica and I met up with Mike and his friends at Dinerama a couple of weekends ago, I was sure to thank him for the most fabulous cakey package I've received in a long time..!


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Tuesday Titles 052..

The Vintage Girl
The Vintage Girl - Hester Browne

This was one of the books which Gemma sent to me as part of my last #bloggerbookswap. I got stuck right into it and found it thoroughly easy to read and enjoyable. 

When Evie Nicholson is asked to visit Kettlesheer Castle in Scotland to archive the family heirlooms, she jumps at the chance. Evie's passion for antiques means that, for her, the castle is a treasure trove of mysteries just waiting to be uncovered. But in each heirloom lies a story, and in the course of her investigations Evie stumbles upon some long-buried family secrets. Add handsome, gloomy heir Robert McAndrew and a traditional candlelit gala to the mix, and Evie's heart is sent reeling with an enthusiasm that may just extend beyond the Kettlesheer silver...

The blurb probably says it all. Evie, interested in anything vintage and a hopeless romantic, heads off to Scotland to see what treasures she can unearth in Kettlesheer Castle. During her time there she manages to secure an invitation to the upcoming ball and begins dreaming about how that will go.

Like a lot of books in it's genre, some of the circumstances are a little coincidental, but it's an enjoyable read nonetheless.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Fever all through the night..

Mary Dress: Fever* // Jacket: Dorothy Perkins
Hat: Seeberger // Bag: Hey Sailor
Glasses: London Retro // Sandals: F+F
Happy Monday, all. Where did the weekend go? I feel as though I could have blinked and missed it.
But I did manage to find some time to catch up with two of my favourite Warwickshire pals, which is always good. They're probably my favourite thing about the county. My second best being the cute shops there.

One of my favourites to visit is Lilac Rose, which is based in Leamington Spa and always have such a great collection of pretty dresses, accessories and homewares. It's one of the shops I always try to make time to stop into when I'm in the area, but that sadly doesn't happen all that often. However, my problems are now solved, as Lilac Rose are now online. With a huge range of dresses including the likes of Emily and Fin, Fever and Trollied Dolly, and free delivery on orders of £65 or more, they're definitely one to add to your favourites bar.

Knowing how much I've been hankering after the Mary dress from Fever, Lilac Rose sent me one to wear to a garden party I have coming up. I think it's just about perfect and will be wearing it this coming weekend. The floral print is just perfect. The dress, although pale, is fully lined so you can wear it without fear of it being see-through. And it's a decent length, which is a refreshing change from a lot of the recent high-street dresses I've seen.

In short, I love it. I also love the attention to detail Lilac Rose put into delivering the dress, which arrived all packaged up in tissue paper. Little details like that are the kind of thing which make me more likely to shop with a site again in the future.

How would you style up the Mary dress? And what's your favourite item from the new Lilac Rose site?

Sunday, 28 June 2015

All aboard..

Train Clutch: Kate Spade
Assemble Courts: Carvela // Necklace: Topshop
Dress: H+M // Cardigan: Primark
I have made it to the end of the week and just about run out of words. But here's an outfit from earlier in the week, including some of my favourite things.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Puffin Island..

Puffin Island 2 Collage
Puffin Island Collage

What ho, readers all. (Yes, I've been watching Jeeves and Wooster this week.)

 This post has been something I've meant to catch up on for a few weeks now. My birthday started out as a pretty rotten-looking rainy day but I headed up to North Wales anyway to meet my sisters. We spent the day taking a boat trip around Puffin Island. The weather took a turn for the lovely bright sunshine by the time we'd picked up my sister and reached Beaumaris, where the boat set off from.