Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Be yourself, so long as it suits us.

Assemble heels: Carvela
Blouse: George // Skirt: Topshop  // Necklace: New Look

This week has been a bit of a rough one thus far, I'm sad to say. Things are busy busy (when are they not?!) but I'm also facing some rather weird....shit, for want of a better word. What can only be described as backlash for being honest. Unsure how it's all going to pan out, but I'll share more when I know.

Anyhow, as a way to cheer myself up, I dug out some old favourite heels - I remember tracking these down in Birmingham on the way home from a blogger meet-up, I figured they'd go quite nicely with this new planet shaped bag, which I've recently welcomed into my novelty handbag collection. Hard to resist at less than £10! 

I made something of an error of judgement with the weather as well - I'd assumed that the grey start to the morning was as good as things were going to get, so opted for this long-sleeved bicycle print blouse, which I regretted when the temperature in my office rose to the mid-twenties. Ah well. Maybe we are set to have something of a mini heat-wave after all.

Planet Bag: Gamiss*


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tuesday Titles 103..

Curious Minds : Janet Evanovich + Phoef Sutton

When I first posted this book on one of my recent #YarnAlong posts, it was clear that I was in the minority as this is the first Janet Evanovich book I'd read. 

Curious Minds is the first book in a new detective series starring Emerson Knight - a wildy rich eccentric who also happens to be rather handsome and clever, but fails completely at social etiquette, and Riley Moon - newly graduated from Harvard, she's given an internship and a rubbish parking space at an investment bank and is keen to learn, until her first assignment happens to be babysitting Emerson Knight. 

Events spiral out of control as Emerson discovers that he can't access the gold in his deposit account, and the bank realise that something untoward might be going on. Emerson and Riley make an unwilling duo but are dispatched to see if they can find some answers.

Frankly, I really enjoyed this book - it kept me entertained during a long Greyhound coach journey and I liked the fast pace. Reminiscent of the Artemis Fowl series, I'd say this had potential to be another great adventure series and am looking forward to future releases.

Read anything great lately? Please share!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Lemons and cloves to keep the bees away..

Dress: Gamiss*
After a week or so of wearing shorts and trainers, I couldn't have been more pleased to get back to normality where my wardrobe was concerned. I was pleased to arrive home to this little lemon print beauty from Gamiss - it can't have taken long to arrive, despite travelling across the oceans to me.

Blair Elfglow boots: Irregular Choice* // Hat: Atmosphere

Frankly the quality is really great - a nice, thick cotton fabric and the dress has a button front detail although also zips at the back, so you don't actually have to fiddle with them all to wear it, which is nice. I like the button detail to the straps as well, which give it something of a pinafore dress look. It's got a lovely full skirt, which ticks all of my boxes and works nicely over my trusty Hell Bunny petticoat. 

I figured the colours would go rather perfectly with my Blair Elfglow boots; navy and yellow go so nicely together, I think. And I really liked it with this hat, which I made recently and posted about here

Friday, 19 August 2016

Friday Favourites 209..

So, I know it's still August and therefore technically summer but the weather certainly seems to have taken a turn for the worse - plus, I'm off camping this weekend which pretty much guarantees that we're in for three days of rain.

Frankly, coming back from somewhere which has been averaging temperatures of 32C to this rainy miserable-ness, plus a few other things, are making me feel as though I need a bit of a metaphorical hug. And what better way to do this than to make the place a little more homely in readiness for the change of season? I keep being reminded that there are only 127 days until Christmas, and have already begun shopping for the big event. Madness? Maybe.

FF 209
001 // 002 // 003 // 004 // 005

001: This little candle holder is a lovely festive red, but not too festive that it couldn't be used at any time of the year, I think. 

002: Love the vintage look of this bee cushion and I think it would be a very welcome cosy addition to my chaise lounge. 

003: The greens of these plates make me think autumnal earthy colours, whilst the bug print appeals to my all prints, all the time nature. A welcome addition to my mismatched crockery collection.

004: Cooler autumn nights are always made better by snuggling up under a blanket, whether that's on the decking in the garden, or on the sofa in front of the fire - this pom pom one caught my attention and the colour is kinda festive. 

005: Endlessly waiting for the Christmas shop to open up, but HoF still have some bargains from last year - what could be better to get one into the cosy autumnal mindset than a new candle in Festive Treats scent..?

Am I the only one ready to embrace the change of season? Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but the cosy nights ahead also appeal.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

She sells sea shells..

Dress; Atmosphere // Cardigan: H+M /./ Sandals, Bag: Matalan

Last night, I was starting to feel the effects of the jet lag catching up on me, so I allowed myself thirty minutes to nap before my alarm sounded and I needed to get changed and head into town for tea and the cinema.

It's actually been goodness-knows-how-long since I wore this dress; I remember Gemma and I chatting about trying to track it down in Primark when it was released. The weather was pretty lovely so I decided a sundress was ideal and took a cardigan as I knew I'd be out quite late. 

This bag was a gift and is the perfect colour to match this dress and I wore my trusty gold sandals which broke on the walk into town, so have met their untimely demise with the bin. They've served me well, I guess. I gather this is part of the "mini-heatwave" I kept being told that Britain was experiencing whilst we were in the States. 

I'm excited to download my USA photos and share a lot - soooo many buildings! I'm just about catching up with work things, so that's a start at least.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Pink and Blue..

Dress + Cardigan: Collectif
Pretty Poodle shoes: Irregular Choice 
Necklace: Punky Pins
Book Clutch: ASOS

I mentioned that I was very pleased with my Collectif sale buys, no? Well, I could not wait to wear my Janie dress and decided that it goes pretty well with the Lucy mermaid cardigan. I have a habit of wearing things I've bought at similar times together, and sometimes I struggle to mix things up when I'm wearing them again in the future, so hopefully that won't happen this time around. 

It's been a really long while since I last used this book-shaped clutch bag and it's a lovely size, so there's no real reason not to use more of it. I have worn this necklace recently - I'm really liking it and the colours seemed perfect for this outfit. 

My Pretty Poodle shoes are immensely comfortable and attracted quite a few comments - I love the curly texture of the poodle and how bright they are. They make me happy; in fact, this whole outfit did. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sunday Shoes 118..


It's not all about the new shoes, y'know. Sometimes I'm just as happy picking up a bargain. These Irregular Choice kitten heels aren't a style I've ever seen before but they were in my size and look to be in super condition; possibly worn just once or twice. 

I do tend to shy away from kitten heels and from pointed fronts but I made an exception on both of these points because the quirky shape and angle of the heel appealed to me, as did the bow on the front (I'm a sucker for a bow!).

The majority of the shoe is a floral patent finish, although the striped edging is fabric and the insides are the metallic pale mint lining, which seems to be a good few years ago now. They came in their original box (a robot print one) with a style code rather than a name and I'm fairly sure that a lot of the styles at that time didn't have names as such. Hey ho. They're lovely, nonetheless.