Wednesday, 7 October 2009

i'm the narrator and this is just the prologue..

finally, and after much first post..
i suppose i ought to start with a basic introduction, as i plan for this blog to be an outlet for my (sometimes rocky) emotions, and also act as an insight into my world..which is sometimes mad to say the least!!

so ten things about me to start with -

  • my name is char, and i am a complete and utter shopaholic

  • i love dinosaurs - they are just cool..

  • i have more than enough shoes to wear a different pair every day of the year! Irregular Choice, mostly; they are my vice.

  • i'm 22 years old, and a gemini

  • i have a law degree, but my job has nothing to do with that..

  • i never wear trousers (pj's don't count)..

  • i have suffered from bipolar disorder for a few years now, which can be only described as "an experience"

  • i never manage to stay awake through an entire film - i always fall asleep at the cinema or on the sofa at home

  • i manage to pick up song lyrics almost instinctively, and sing along to everything - radio, cd, out loud as i listen to my ipod down the street (!)

  • i love to make dresses, skirts and bags in my spare time, from vintage fabrics..

i plan to post an outfit with each post, as i really love to build outfits!! i'll start with today's..

the dress was a Tesco find a few weeks back - i liked the colour and the random drawstring effect on the hem..

the rest of the outfit was part of my Primark spree last weekend, long chunky knit dark blue cardi, black leggings (which seem to be my wardrobe staple at the moment) and some indigo suede boots, which have studs all over £35 they were hardly cheap for Primark, but i plan to make them a regular feature in this winter's outfits..


  1. Happy 1st post,
    I LOVE your boots

  2. I know, they are truly fab, and to think, I was planning to escape Primark spending less than £20 for once!!

  3. I was very impressed with your first post. And you still look beautiful from the past until now. Your blog is more like a fashion magazine where you become the main central. My regards!.