Wednesday, 21 October 2009

i've got a hand inside my head, a chainsaw cutting through my bed..

still under the weather with this cold, which only started yesterday so i oughtn't really be did at least mean i dressed to cheer myself up a little today, and i've been working hard all day, so at least i've not had time to think about it too much..

found a bag and a skirt that i haven't seen / used for ages at the wales house at the weekend - it's fab as i have a whole wardrobeful of clothes there which i hardly ever see / wear, so it's like a new load of things everytime i go, i tend to forget everything!! this bag was from primark ages ago, and i think it goes well with the colours in today's skirt, along with the colourful topshop ring which i feel draws the rest of the outfit together..
due to being in a rush this morning, i put my hair up using a heap of vintage grips and clips, and teamed the skirt with a t-shirt i found in river island last week, covered in sparkly little perfume bottle print which i loved, and a cropped satin blazer-type shrug, complete with this season's shoulder pads, which was originally from peacocks last year, in a panic-buy before my graduation to find something to wear over my dress..shoe-wise, the simple blue pixie boots from office, for comfort and in case of rain..

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  1. Yet another beautiful outfit, who'd have guessed you were feeling under the weather? xx