Friday, 6 November 2009

just sleep, the hardest part is letting go of your dreams..

..this could be a long post, as i haven't been about for a few days, so quite a few outfits etc to share..

first off, the other day i braved a pink lace bodysuit, which i picked up in the primark sale for £2 recently, and then had a bit of a mental block as to what to wear it with..after some conferrring with my mum (a great fan of bodysuits the first time round) who suggested this floral bralet, in the end, i decided to dress it down under a primark jersey pinafore, with some leggings and a pair of flat irregular choice pumps with ballet style ties around the ankles which are so comfy and i absolutely love..

i went to topshop one lunchtime this week for the first time in a little while, as i received an arcadia gift card through the post in return for some surveys, so i decided to see what i could spend it on..i managed to find this dress in the sale for £7, and also a long pearl / chain necklace with a big gold heart pendant, and a chain with random beads on, for £3 each, which meant that with the gift card, i paid £3 for the lot! - i was on a shopping high for the rest of the afternoon..

ooh, i just found this whilst i was looking for a link: which i may well spend my ebay earnings on this week :)

another outfit from the week, dodgy photo..the dress is a black mini, with a polka dot, heart and lipstick print all over it, from the g:21 (george) range at asda, in the sale it was £8 i believe, and i do like it, although have been worried about the short length..i teamed it with an orangey red cardi (from new look, via ebay), with a sequin poodle on the front, and a cute embroidered leash going all the way around the back, to match the black cuffs and collar..with a pair of black leggings and black pumps i don't think it was noticeably too short..

finally, today's outfit..the dress is a floral print from dotty p's (via ebay sometime last yr) with a matching purple satiny tie around the waist, to match my lilac nails..i've put it together with a long silvery grey primark cardi (at least i'm not JUST wearing the black one anymore) and some leggings and a black scarf..i then matched it up with a purpley check coat from primark..i am aware that the indogo boots don't really do much for the rest of the outfit, but i was going for comfort over colour, as i have a long day today..


  1. Welcome back! Hope you've had a great week. Well done on the TopShop finds, the bag is stunning and well worth saving up for.
    My favourite outfit of the bunch this week is the G:21 number. The orange really suits you and you look so cute in short skirts! xxx

  2. I love how you wore the lace body,

    and the lipstick print dress is gorgeous