Tuesday, 10 November 2009

i cant wait till my heart mends, so i can finally go outside..

unitl just last night, i guess i hadn't noticed just how much i had been letting certain people take advantage of me..not in an obvious way, but taking advantage nonetheless..the realisation made me reconsider certain "friendships" and that i can change things in order to make my life more positive..which i am in the process of doing, finally..enough musing..

anyway, a busy weekend, involving starting my new bar job, a remembrance sunday service with my guides unit, and picking up a sofa for a saturday was spent with an attempted lie-in, and then a wander into town to meet a friend for coffee, so i went with a cute strapless lily print dress from the floral frocks range at oasis a couple of years ago, which i wore with the greeny shrug from h&m which is fast becoming a wardrobe favourite..i then added to it a pair of irregular choice flat cowboy boots, with a floral coat from primark and a primark beret as it was raining by the time i came to leave the house..

the following afternoon, upon return from the remembrance service, i had a bit of a mini wardrobe clearout, and came across a pair of city shorts i haven't seen in years..i am aware that in my first post here, i confessed that i never ever wear trousers, which is true for the last two years at least, but i must admit i was intrigued, and decided to have a mess around to see how i could style them..
in the end i went with a pair of black opaque tights (i've never understood the trousers/shorts and tights thing before, but i guess it makes sense for cold weather), with the perfume print river island tshirt, which i must admit has not fared well - it's only been worn and washed twice, at 30, but a lot of the colours have really faded, so i'm pretty disappointed with it..the mustard beret was a charity shop find on saturday, which i was pleased with as i'm really liking mustard tones this autumn! i didn't get as far as wearing them out as i'm not really happy with them, so think this calls for ebay..i think this evening i will have a proper go through the wardrobes as i know there are things i have never worn / will never wear again, and this mental turning point in my life is a good time for a physical one too, getting rid of all the old things and making room for new..
yesterday's work outfit was a bargain dress from the remains of the miss selfridge sale on saturday bought as a compromise, because i also fell for a blakc lace layered dress and a chunky oatmeal cardi with pink and grey details, both at £45 each, which i didn't feel my bidget could stretch to..i liked the greyish blue tone, and the understated floral print, and thought it would lend itself well to silvery accessoried, like the scarf and the sequin beret, along with silver cardi, and earlier on some silver mittens..

my work outfit today is kinda nautical-inspired..or "nautique" as my mother and i used to laugh over..the tshirt is a simple stripey one from h&m, with a cute pocket detail on the front, which i was really drawn to for some reason, as i usually don't go for anything plain..the skirt is a navy blue new look one with white anchor detail..just seen is a black cropped sequin waistcoat, from h&m years ago, which i remember begging my ex to buy me for xmas (i thought it was amazing, he was thinking ringmaster in circus!), with a black cardi on top and the usual black leggings and scarf..the shoes, not in the picture, are some simple blue and white striped pumps from primark with a red bow on the front, which is why i went for the red beads as well as the pearls to finish it off..and also a pair of dark blue anchor earrings from topshop..


  1. Some truly fab ensembles there, Char! I love the mustard beret - a great find. The city shorts look good on you, you should give 'em another trial run before you stick them on eBay! xx

  2. what wonderful outfits, the first one especially is divine!

    I also agree with VV above, about the shorts, I'd give them a few more wears before deciding, they look great!

  3. thank you both, you've cheered my day up a little :) xx

  4. I agree too! The shorts look fab in a Victorian city chic kinda way. I love the beret and those boots are amazing.

  5. Thank you, Jen, I have to admit, they were my most expensive purchase when I was in college, and I now have a second pair the same, and yet still wear the original, worn out pair.