Monday, 15 February 2010

i wonder, how am i supposed to feel when you're not here..

have had a fairly dull start to the week, after a lovely weekend..i had a day off work on friday (a rare occurence for me!), which was great (apart from the doctors appt..) as it gave me a chance to have a cycle / wander round town, and a relaxed day to myself and my thoughts, which i haven't made time for recently..i did make a couple of purchases, i have to admit, although they were mainly vouchers, so i don't feel too bad, and i did need cheering up after the docs..the first of them, bought partially with my new look vouchers, was a floral cardigan with pearly buttons (pictured right) which i have been coveting for ages..with the vouchers i had after returning those disastrous leggings, this only cost me £6 which i felt was a fab bargain!!

in addition, my mum recently sent me some vouchers for a cutesy boutique in my town, so i went in there for a look around..i managed to get a lovely blue wrap-around heart print dress on the sale rail, and still had enough vouchers left over to get two cute dinosaur plates, to add to my mish-mash of cute overall i was very pleased with my purchases..
today i decided to give the new blue dress a whirl..i really like it, although after taking the photo i did change the shoes to some equally blue, but less high heels as it's a fairly short it's low-cut i wore a black tshirt dress underneath, which i think works ok as a slip type layer..
friday night was spent at pizza hut for a meal with some friends, which was good as i wasn't really feeling up to a full-on night out..i then stayed over, and on saturday my friend and i vetured out to cheshire oaks retail village, so that she could shop for holiday clothes..i bought some more pretty things there, also..but i am justifying it by the fact that i have sold off a lot pf my jewellery and bird brooches in the past week (thank you to all the blog-readers who have bought any of my items on here!) and that more than covered my cheshire oaks purchases (which i will show you tomorrow!)..
then sunday, i spent the afternoon on a woodland walk with my little sis, which was great fun, although a little cold, so we could have done with more layers..due to the sunny start to the day, my outfit was a vintage dress, bought on last year's trip to london, layered over a pale yellow tshirt, with my h&m acid green shrug over the top..i then added some bottle green beads (oh i still need to detangle so many of the beads!)..and of course, my polka dot wellies, which kinda went with the rest of the outfit (not planned at all lol)..

following the bird brooch success, i decided to get a bit more creative with the brooches over the weekend..these are the latest creations; as ever, leave me an email or comment if you are interested..

i also got round to the next stage of the jewellery stock-take..the ring box..rings are a piece i generally tend to forget, and there were a lot that i had forgotten about when i unearthed the contents of this jewellery box..i'm a constume jewellery girl really, although a couple of them are a bit more dressy..the silver one with the blue stones was handed down by mum, whilst the white gold band with the pink diamond was a present for my 18th from my grandparents..


  1. That blue dress is absolutely divine on you, Char! The colour and shape are stupendous and the cardi looks like something you'd wear much more than the leggings.
    Glad you had a good weekend and if you ever want to get rid of that swan ring let me know!

  2. Gorgeous blue dress darling the colour is absolute perfection on you.

    Amazing ring collection, mine is lacking at the moment, I plan on changing that asap!

  3. That dress looks brilliant on you! Loving the ring collection :)

  4. Your ring colection is fab! I have mans hands so never wear costume rings, I avoid drawing attention to them.

    The dress is great and I'm so glad you got the cardi at last!


  5. Thats blue dress is lovely and I love the new cardi too.

  6. Beautiful dress, the colour is astounding on you. Love the ring collection... I have man hands too, so steer clear of costume jewellery mostly... that and the fact it turns my fingers green!

  7. That dress looks absolutely divine on you Char, really just perfect.

    The weekend sounds like great fun. The tree photo and the wellies (I so want a pair) one are brilliant.

  8. Tsk tsk! Naughty Char! ;)

    Love the cardigan and the dress. Very clever buys - I forgive you! xx