Tuesday, 9 February 2010

i'll make it through each day, singing death or glory..

today has been a good day..i've narrowly avoided an uncomfortable night out this evening, and am super busy, which is at least keeping my mind off things which may otherwise ruin my good mood..

part two of the great jewellery clips..pictured here are the massive quantity which i seems somewhat ridiculous, therefore, that my hair always looks so unstyled..i need to work on that i think! (i haven't listed any up for sale specifically, but if there are any which take your interest, please either comment or email me with an that i have no real plans after the gym this evening, i think i'm feeling brave enough to tackle the necklaces, which i think will need to be spread over several posts..

outfit from yday was pictured last night, due to the fact that after a sleepless sunday night, laziness prevailed yday morning and i didn't get up early enough to do everything before work o'clock..i bought the oversized shirt from h&m in december, but it hadn't featured before yday, quite simply because i was kinda at a loss as to what to wear it with..i'm really not a jeans or trousers person, i personally think that jeggings, worn as a stand-alone bottom half, are the work of the devil..i base this on myself, and the hatred of my legs, as a LOT of people make them work very well..but, i tried it with a few skirts, and it just didn't seem hopefully i managed to style it ok under this jersey pinafore dress, from french connection (worn very few times, but a sale purchase, so i don't feel too bad about it just sitting there unloved in my wardrobe - i have a love/hate relationship with it, but on this occasion, i think it did okay)..i was glad to find a belt that went ok with it though, and teamed it with grey tights and flat shoes..

today, the infamous polka dot new look skirt makes an appearance..i thought i'd keep it..(i'm hopeless at returning things, and therefore compromised with the velvet leggings, which are a definite return!)..i think it looks loads better with full tights, and a loose tshirt, which i decided to layer (mainly because i love the top one, but it's completely see-through, which is a little much for the office)..i had to go with the blazer as the elusive black cardigan is still nowhere to be seen - i even checked my wales wardrobe at the weekend for all the items i've realised are MIA recently, but to no avail!..i'm liking the skirt more now than last week, though - any thoughts?? oh and the shoes are a beautiful pair of IC kitten heels..i don't usually do "in-between shoes", it's either heels or flats, as i hate the fact that i have such huge feet and always think that kittens exagerate the size of them..but for these, i'll make an exception..


  1. Char, you have such lovely things. All those hairclips are so sweet - I could quite happily nab them all!

    *repeats to self "You have no money, stop wanting to buy things"*

    I think the jersey pinafore dress looks grand and I'm very much liking the polka dot skirt, especially when teamed up with the tshirt :)

  2. I love what you've done with the skirt, it looks brilliant x

  3. Thank you all, I've definitely changed my opinion of it from last week..

  4. The skirt looks good, and the purple IC shoes... to die for. Are your feathery hair clips up for grabs? I have a bit of a thing for feathers.

  5. I think you can never go wrong with polka :)

  6. that skirt is wonderful on you Char, I'm glad your keeping it
    (and glad you returned the leggings, they were pants, haha, I think we've all returned them now!)

  7. I really do like that skirt and I don't do spots (not sure why though).


  8. Love the polka dot skirt! I'm glad you didn't return it because it really looks great on you!

  9. That skirt is beautiful :)

    Also loving the feather hair clips but looks like I'm too late again grrrr