Wednesday, 17 February 2010

i'm not what i was last summer, not who i was in the spring..

in a major rush today, have been at a seminar all morning on employment law, which was really interesting and useful so that's good..and managed to stop off for lunch at a nice little restaurant before the snow started again..have now got to package up ebay sales and head to the post office before 5, and then get home with an hour or so to make my flat spotless before my friends arrive prior to bingo this eve, so super speedy outfit post only..

fairly uninteresting outfit as i knew i was heading all over to this skirt from matalan, which i do like as a work piece..and you can't exactly go wrong with black..i managed to rememebr to add jewellery in the form of a boring blad bead necklace and a huge teal heart shaped cocktail ring from miss selfridge, and then after the pic i added a black scarf, black beret, boring khaki coat, and a pair of blue leather gloves same colour as the skirt, as it was / still is freezing..
will catch up properly tomorrow..xx


  1. I love the combination of black and blue. Very pretty!

  2. You don't half underestimate yourself - I'd kill to be able to wear something that stylish and call it uninteresting!

  3. Love the colour of that skirt. Have fun at bingo xx

  4. That skirts a great shape on you, not in the slightest bit "uninteresting" - a classy and sophisticated look if you ask me.

  5. That's a lovely outfit, nothing uninteresting about it and you have the best hair! x