Wednesday, 10 February 2010

i've told you time and time again, you say the words but don't know what it means..

today's outfit is based on the fact that i am proud of the fact that i can now fit this vintage floral dress, bought a year ago in London's Seven Dials area..vintage shopping always makes me feel huge, although at a modern day size 12, i seem to be about average on the high street..i'm not completely happy with my size and shape, but i do realise that realistically, i will never be model-skinny, and it wouldn't suit me anyway..i went with grey tights, and a silvery grey primark cardi, and some silver glitter heels (which aren' t in the pic, but have featured before as they're a comfy pair of heels for a day in the office / walking into town at lunch)..
last night i managed to have a bit of a clearout of some more of the plethora of jewellery i seem to have collected over the's a massive job.. i sorted out some bits for sale, which i will offer on here in a second post i think, so that they don't get confused, as there are to be photos of some of my favourite pieces also..

i think it's probably clear by now that i'm definitely not a label snob - i don't really do anything designer (my favourite designer is obviously irregular choice, who it can't really be said are high-brow or ridiculously expensive, i'd say more "high-street deisigner")..i think this is even more clear from my jewellery collection, all things cute, girly and kitsch which catch my eye..i tend to pick up pieces from high street stores, such as Freedom at Topshop, or Accessorize, but also i make trips to charity shops, where i always like to have a rummage through the jewellery baskets..also, i make a lot of my own - fimo is great fun for brooches etc, and i have endless pots of beads and buttons for whenever the inspiration strikes me..

basically, what i learnt when sifting through the bowl of brooches last night, is that i had so many i had forgotten about, which i never wear..i therefore want to try to make a conscious effort to finish my outfit off every day with a brooch, or a cute necklace, or some earrings..especially at the moment whilst i am refraining from buying anything looks like i don't need to anyway!

whilst still on the subject of the clothes ban..i am doing rather well..i technically haven't caved in and bought anything yet - quite the opposite; i am taking back the velvet leggings at lunchtime and there is a rather lovely floral cardigan i am coveting, but i am determined to wait until the end of the month, regardless of the refund! at the weekend, sis and i went to asda for some food, and a wander through the george section, naturally..we found this last little pair of purple and gold sandals, on the shelf in my size, tempting me..for £3! so sis treated me, which meant i didn't break the clothes ban rules and have a beautiful pair of new shoes :D
the biggest challenge of the evening was detangling some of the necklaces..a selection are shown in some of the pictures, and again, these have been collected from any number of sources..some of the silver ones were passed on by my mother or grandmother, a lot are from the high street or my friend's local shop..the huge enamel one is one of my favourites (and most expensive necklaces) bought from dorothy perkins last's slightly evil due to weighing so much, and i've only worn it once as i feel it has to be the focus of an outfit..


  1. that flower enamel necklace is amazing! and love the bargain shoes!

  2. You have SOOOOOO much jewellery!
    That dress looks perfect on you. I can't imagine why you're not happy with your figure, you always look just the right size and shape x

  3. Blimey how on earth can you ever decide what jewellery to wear!?

    Love the dress - it looks great on you. I know what you mean about vintage shopping making you feel big. Last week at Brick Lane I saw so many beautiful things but none of them would ever fit me. Damn my curvaceousness!