Friday, 5 February 2010

sometimes we start over, and go solo..

well, the end of another stupidly emotional week..all self-inflicted really, and despite the fact that i acknowledge this in my more rational moments, it doesn't stop the ridiculous subconscious belief that i am able to change things..

anyway, i have decided that i will not let the situation ruin any more of my have woken up with a decidedly positive attitude, and so far got all of my to-do tasks out of the way..

today's outfit, another of the Get Cutie skirts that have been hiding away..i really love this skirt, so decided to embrace the parisienne trend..the silver juper is a primark basic one, super cheap so i got a gold one as well at the time, but they don't get much wear as i'm more of a cardigans girl, always too warm, so prefer to be able to take off a layer if i get too warm, which my office is this morning!

the grey lace leggings were a miss selfridge sale purchase, although they are a size too big and fall down, and i always wish they were a bit longer..they aren't so bad with the grey boots though, as my finished outfit pic..i did want to wear heels, but i really didn't like the gap between end of leggings / start of shoes..the coat is a primark one that i always feel scruffy in due to it's oversized style, but it was the closest colour i could find this morning in my unusual need to be coordinated..and the flower came from h&m £1.99 i believe on a shopping trip with my sis in the jan sales..the beret is one of many passed on to my from my mum..

last night i finally mustered up the courage to try on my new purchases (don't fret, these were bought last week, online, before the clothes ban was imposed..) the red toadstool dress, should be something i would love as i'm a great fan of strapless dresses..something about it didn't seem quite right, but i'm not sure what, and fairly sure it was just my self-hating mood at the time! the new look velvet leggings are pictured with both outfits, and after lusting after them for so long, i have to admit i'm not all that convinced with these either..i'd like them a bit longer, and more loose - i think i like my leggings scruffy, and long enough to wear over my ankles to hide some of my horrible feet (i love shoes, but my feet gross me out - well, feet in general!)

the polka dot skirt was one i fell for online, and annoyingly is much shorter than anticipated also..i would put it with black tights rather than leggings, but the issue is what to wear on top..i think it looks awful..the green tee is new also, that looked a lot better with a different skirt, and is a plain basic, so i shall keep..any comments / advice on how to style would be gratefully received :)

now that the clothse challenge is well underway (and easy to stick to on a budget of £0!), i feel i'm ready to embrace another..this weekend is to be spent sorting out this tangle of necklaces, taking stock of, and resolving to either sell / wear more of my vast collection of jewellery! i think i may be there a while..


  1. Your polka dot skirt doesn't suit leggings underneath, that's for sure. I think it would look good with a high collared chiffon blouse, but it might be a bit too prissy on you. I'm not sure I like the belt on the skirt, either, I'm afraid.

    Sorry, that probably was unhelpful in the extreme. :)

  2. Ok, firstly, your get cutie skirt is divine.

    I also love love love the red dress, a real keeper!

    I cant make up my mind about my velvet leggings either. I want to keep them because I love them so...but at the same time, they seem a bit un-wearable. Eh. Sod it. I'm keeping mine just because. I'll sleep in them if I have to.

    Undecided about the skirt. But keep the red dress.

  3. Love the red dress on you, keep it, please!!! If you're hesitating with your other purchases then send them back. The money will go towards a lovely treat (night out or a girlie day out) which will be far more rewarding.

    Velvet leggings put me in mind of a horrid pair my mum's had since the 80's - I can't bear them, they remind me of trakkie bottoms.

    Have a lovely weekend, my darling and stay positive!

  4. I love the red dress its very you!

    Retro_bluebell x

  5. I love the polka dot skirt. Black tights and black or red patent heels would look gorgeous with it. A red or black fitted shirt tucked in or a plain black or red t-shirt with a short black or red (op the t-shit colour) cardigan (mohair maybe) and pearl earrings/necklace/bracelets. OR you could wear it with baby pink maybe...grey tights, pink shirt/t-shirt, grey cardigan? I love it anyway and def think you should keep it. where did you get it from?

    Not sure about the red dress, but if you like it and it makes you feel good KEEP IT!

    and your oufit today was missing something but I'm not sure what. maybe heels would have worked better or longer sleeves? I don't know I can't put my finger on it.

    Have a great weekend xx

  6. That red dress is amazing! I love it. I actually really love the skirt and would team it with a black top and tights and a hot pink cardi. If you're not sure though, don't keep it x

  7. I agree the skirt doesn't suit leggings underneath. Maybe try the toadstool dress another day when you are not feeling quite so meh.

    Good luck with sorting the jewellery - looks like that is going to be a challenge in itself!

    Have a good weekend :o)