Wednesday, 3 February 2010

a thousand lies have made me colder and I don't think I can look at this the same..

umm, a pensive mood this morning..on the one hand, helping a friend if they need it is the right thing to do, right? what if it turned out they weren't the friend you thought they were, but they still want you to help?! grr, the dilemma in my head..

moving on, i could do with solutions to this dilemma too..i unearthed this tee at the weekend, in a search for all things paris to create outfits with a nod towards the current trends..i love it, but am wondering if it's a keeper, on the basis that i rarely wear tees..i think thats to do with not wearing jeans, i wear band tshirts as pj's, and some to the gym, but other than that i'm usually a dresses not much call for printed tees..thoughts please?!

and onto the outfit for the day..again i'm not happy!
the dress is one of my favourites, tracked down on ebay as i found it sold out too quickly for me to get hold of when it was new..i love the cute buttons and the little heart print..
again i had a minor tights dilemma, in the end i went for grey leggings, and they are covered by the grey boots anyway, which are the annoyingly sensible option for the walk up into town at lunchtime..i did it in heels last week and it's just not great (steep hill back down, when i'm more often than not in a total rush to avoid parking tickets)
have decided that i need to invest in some more plain basics, when the shopping ban ends..a regular length grey cardi would suit this dress better, as this shrug ends almost at the hemline of the dress from the back, and i think it just looks messy..not so bad from the angle i took my bleary-eyed pic from this morning, though, so i shall try to spend the day side-on to people...
up top is the product of my hour or so's sewing last night when i got home..i put on a dvd and created a few bits and pieces to add brooch backs to when they arrive..any more ideas would be greatly received whilst i'm still in this creative mood..


  1. Those birds are soo cute! I wish I was as good with a sewing needle!

  2. Beautiful 50's style dress and I love those little birds, you've inspired me to dig out my felt bag.
    The tee-shirt's pretty but I know what you mean, it's not a style of clothing I wear regulary either. Have you thought of chopping off the arms and collar, slicing it up the back and tieing it with a ribbon threaded through the back of the armholes?