Friday, 21 May 2010

no sir, well i don't want to be the blame, not anymore..

couple of outfits to catch up on, not done today's yet as i managed to forget my handbag at a friend's house last night (complete with purse, diary, and

left - miss selfridge sundress which i bought last autumn and wasn;t all that sure about, but i like it more with the bow tied at the front..think it gives it more shape, and it goes rather well with the new peach pumps..doesn't go with the clutch bag at all, but i just like that! lol..this outfit was worn the other eve to go and cook tea, which went really well..

wednesday outfit, was a bit of a mix, but i'm really liking stripes with floral atm, so thought i'd just see how much it all clashed..i liked the end result though! the stripey vest was a h&m buy when i decided i needed more plain-ish tops, as most of my skirts are quirkily patterned..this skirt was a total bargain in the warehouse sale ages ago (i rarely buy anything in warehouse that isn't in the sale!) at the bullring, and i just love the pale mint matched it with the new look shrug i re-discovered recently..

i employed the clashy side of my brain for yday's outfit too, teaming the recent blue/red dress from peacocks with a pair of dark blue lace leggings, and a pair of purple IC turtle shoes..mainly duye to the fact i painted my nails lilac on wed eve, and then couldn't think of anything i wanted to wear which went with them..added a flower brooch which i found in a local charity shop for £1.50, and a black cardi, and was too warm for most of the day..i didn't think it was going to work together too well, but it was ok, and i had so much to do yday that once i had an outfit on, i didn't have time to consider changing it (well, i may have changed the shoes once from the first pic)..still got far too much to do, but have big plans for different post topics next week..


  1. pretty outfits! stripes and florals rock xx

  2. So many pretty things. Loving that purple floral frock, the colour is divine!
    Thanks for your kindness and support,

  3. Pretty array of colours. And thanks for the kind comments, it can be tough when you're feeling low and then sometimes when you're prescribed certain remedies they don't always work. xxx

  4. I genuinely don't think that yesterday's outfit is clashy at all. It looks lovely.

    I'm totally with you on the stripes and florals thing. Don't dare attempt the stripes part of it myself though!

  5. Love the mix of florals and stripes!!

  6. gorgeous dresses and love your purple shoes, they are fab!

  7. Those purple shoes are incredible. You'll have me converted to heels before the year is out! xx