Tuesday, 11 May 2010

our broken fairytale, so hard to hide...

oh wow it's been ages since i posted an outfit / photo post!
first photo, as requested by the lovely
vicki, is one of my favourite ever dress creations - and the first proper dress that i had made from a pattern..the material wasn't much, i bought 3 metres @£3.99ish per metre, but i also joined an evening class for 10 weeks, as an intro to dressmaking, which i think was the best £80 i've ever spent! this was my finished result, and i wear it quite often, it fits perfectly (obviously) and the pattern is the sort of thing i'd be drawn to anyway..hopefully i'll finish putting together some of the piles of fabric pieces i have cut out and ready to pin/sew together soon so have some more to show you..

next up, whilst it seems like ages ago, i went to Cardiff for the bank holiday weekend, to see lostprophets, and also partook in a little retail therapy! the gig was amazing, at the international arena, and i really enjoyed it, regardless of the fact we got completely drenched in the rain on the way home - our hotel was only 10mins walk, but a lovely downpour started just as we left! my outfit for saturday daytime (mainly just travelling) was a topshop floral dress, wit
h a grey leopard print primark cardi, and a pair of grey tights with my pinky rosebud ICs, so that i could wear them with both outfits..i changed into a black and white polka dot dress for the concert, with some ancient topshop pumps which got so disgustingly beer-covered that they ended up being chucked out! i purchased and wore a tour tshirt over the dress for the gig, and a shiny green waistcoat cardi with some long green beads (which i think can kinda be seen in the photo)..

my sunday morning was spent with a lovely book and a long and relaxed continental breakfast in the hotel whilst my friend caught some more Z's before shopping..then we hit the city for some shopping!!

my shopping outfit for the day was one of my fave dresses, the h&m flamingo print one which i've had so much wear from over the yrs, and judging by the prints we were seeing in the stores, i'll be wearing for most of the summer too as there seeemed to be a lot of tropical prints around!

the floral cardi was a £6 bargain from tesco, as they had 25% off when i was in the other day, and i couldn't resist it - whilst we were shopping two people asked where i'd got it from, so i guess it's quite an appealing print or something..i also got lots of queries about where my bag cam from - i had totally forgotten i owned this amazing piece of kitschness until i was packing for cardiff lol..i love this watermelon bag and again it looks like i'll get plenty of use from it this summer without looking like i'm completely unfashionable..(not that this would bother me)..
as for my actual purchases..i actually bought a cropped floral print t shirt..after saying just last week how much i don't understand cropped tees..i loved the print and colour and pocket detail of this, as well as the fact it was cheap..i've worn it once so far, will post a pic next outfit post, and i quite like it..the pale blue cherry dress made me almost jump with excitement when i saw it, and i loved the candy striped red and white pumps..all from river island..
the brown floral print bag, and the triangle bangle were topshop purchases, i didn't see much else i liked, and have wanted the bracelet for the last few times i've been in, and kept telling myself i'd get it next time i went to topshop lol..i had £20 topshop vouchers from some surveys, which made them quite reasonable so i didn't feel too bad..the kids in glass houses t shirt is obviously from the gig too as they were supporting..and the rest of my purchases were primark..a very floral shopping trip!


  1. I've been through this post about 4 times trying to pick a favourite outfit pic and I just can't decide - they're all so lovely!

    I think a special mention is deserved by that beautiful handmade dress though. What a gorgeous shape and fabric, and it looks so professionally done.

    ps - the bag is just wonderful!

  2. I love the little melon purse and the dress you made!

  3. That dress is wonderful, thank you for sharing it, I love seeing things people have made!
    I really wanted to get one of the Tesco cardis but they only had really big sizes when I looked.
    Vicki xxx

  4. Yay - an outfit post at last! Love the dresses - as always. x
    PS I have a new URL:

  5. I'm with Alex, there's so many lovely things on your post that I don't know what I love the best!
    Fab effort with the dress and a lovely snap of you and your pal.

  6. Fab purchases! That dress you made looks amazing!

  7. So talented. Love the style of dress you made. Glad you had such a good time away. Your outfits and buys look wonderful and your kitsch watermelon bag is super and has now made me want to watch dirty dancing hehe! x