Friday, 4 June 2010

we take three steps forward, and three steps back..

first of all - can i just say a giant sorry for not posting any comments recently, my PC isn't letting me comment on any blogs, just comes up with a big blank space on the comments sections, as though the page hasn't quite's really frustrating, but i can't seem to solve it despite trawling through the help pages on blogger..any advice would be gratefully received...

for a girl who owns upwards of 250 pairs of shoes, let's take a guess at what is a really vexatious thing to hear..

"oh she's wearing those pretty shoes, again"
..last time i went to a meeting to plan the division event we are holding for the girlguiding centenary, i inadvertantly wore the same shoes as the first meeting we had a few weeks previous..apparently! so today i have given another pair a chance, as we have another meeting this's more the fact that unless i make a conscious effort, yes, i am drawn to certain favourite / comfy pairs..and i feel that is a shame when i have so many pretty pairs which i love...i'm considering doing a similar challenge to the shoe girl diaires, which i came across recently..

to the left, is the beautiful bunch of flowers which arrived at work yesterday from a lovely friend :) not only were they a lovely suprise and very pretty, but also made my meany ex horribly jealous as an added bonus! :D

today's outfit, is a warehouse prom dress from a couple of yrs ago, i just felt in a purple mood today, with a sparkly purple shrug i used to way most days in uni, and thought i had lost or got rid of u8ntil recently when i found it had fallen down the back of the chest of drawers where the cardigans live..the necklace is actually from primark, although i always get comments of suprise when i tell people this! i hope everyone has a lovely weekend to look forward to, i'm doing exit surveys all day tomorrow, although i'm hoping the shops are busy tomorrow so it won't take too long, i have a friend coming for movies and sleepover, and a garden party on sunday so i hope the weather stays nice, and i promise to actually take pictures this time!

oh, and in response to one of my comments from yday, which asked about my's a pashley poppy model, in blush pink..and it's one of my favourite things in the world!


  1. I have exactly the same commenting problem on the laptop but oddly not on the pc. If you find out how to fix it, do let me know please!

    The flowers are just inspired :D

  2. Your dress today is beautiful - it's my fave colour. Glad the flowers were seen by the ex!
    Kandi x

  3. Flowers are super pretty!! Love that prom dress!

  4. Lovely flowers and an annoyed ex is a real bonus.

    Your vintage style bike is awesome! x