Thursday, 26 August 2010

can't decide if i should stab you or kiss you..

hello ;) have had a miserable couple of days, am in the midst of an evil allegic reaction to something apparently..but yday i decided to stop moping and dress up..i got the bargainous mustard tulip skirt from ebay for £3.20 and i'm really happy with it..using it as the base piece of my outfit, i foudn this floral print vest i'd bought in a primark spree ages ago, and finally took the tags off..the chunky necklace was from the new look sale a while ago, there were two left and my friend and i bought one each - haha, we are 23 honest!! the toadstool shoes are irregular choice, of course..i love this style, and have it in all the available colours (sad, i know!) but had never worn the brown ones this outfit :)
today's is a little more boring, i wanted to wear another pair i haven't got round to wearing yet, and then couldn't decide what to put iwht them, so just went fairly boring on the skirt / tee and my chunky miss selfridge heavy knit cardigan, which i stalked in the store last winter until it went into the sale and then purchased!! i was going for comfort over sartorial elegance today, and do realise that the cardi is a bit "frumpy granny" but am feeling under the weather, and thus don't really care! the shoes are obviously IC again..i had to get a friend to bid on them for me as we were driving down the motorway when they finsihed..but then found they were from a relatively local seller, so one of my work colleagues went to pick them up also, which was rather good ;)


  1. Gorgeous shoes and that skirt is such a lovely colour x

  2. The first outfit is gorgeous - such flattering tones for you. I think I need to get myself a pair of the mushroom shoes.

    The chunky cardi is lovely and cosy looking, perfect for if you're feeling a bit rubbish and need cheering up. Plus the shoes are divine. Think I need to get myself some of those as well!

  3. Major shoe envy!

    Love both outfits, especially the bright skirts!

  4. OH MY WORD, I love the first outfit, and just all of the shoes! I love your blog!

  5. You look lovely in all of these things Char - so pretty. The mustard skirt is my favourite. xx