Wednesday, 1 September 2010

this isn't hollywood, but this is where you turn and kiss me..

wow..i almost can't believe it's september already! to be completely british, a little whinge about the weather over the weekend, as it was seriously autumnal!! however - i spent my weekend in liverpool with the fabulous alex, and the weather certainly didn't stop us having a fab time! the wind was rather crazy on sunday, but we managed to pack in plenty of shopping (shamefully none of which has been photographed yet, but i will get round to wearing them all asap - i seem to have SO much new stuff to get through recently, what with ebay wins and new purchases etc..)

on sunday we headed to the Tate for the Picasso exhibition - i'm not really that culturally involved as a rule, but some of my guides went to the exhibition at the beginning of the holidays, and told me it was really fab, and worth seeing even if you weren't much of an "arty"..i thought the Picasso collection was great, there were some fab pieces and a nice insight into his life..then we meandered through the lower levels of modern art, and i was a little confused by some of the "artworks" to say the least..there were some disturbing sculptures, and some downright odd things being exhibited, but i just kept reminding myself that art means different things to different people, and whilst i may not consider a life-sized bed constructed of slices of (mouldy) white bread as a work of art, it's possible that others might do..

is it shameful to admit that my favourite "artwork" of the day was the huuge mural we stumbled upon down a side street on our way to lunch? i'm not sure what it was for, but i thought it was fab!! we did spend a little while fooling around in front of it to get some photos, much to the amusement of any passers-by i'm sure :D

and to keep it relatively topical, an outfit post from the weekend - sunday i wore the least appropriate dress i could have picked for the blustery weather - this gorgous floral number was a fluke find in a london branch of h&m about 18months ago, i spotted it on the escalator, and decided i MUST have it - which i did, despite the fact it was tagged a size smaller than i am, as it was the only one in the shop! that said, it's a wraparound style, so still fits ok, but is not the dress to wear in windy conditions, as i was forever pulling it down as it tried to blow away / open!! hence the boring grey cardi being tied around it..the pink poodle heels were starting to get a little uncomfortable after a whole day of negotiating cobbled streets and lots of art gallery-pondering..


  1. You look fab as always - I seriously covet your shoes! Looks like you had great fun and the cardie'n'dress combo looks super retro.

  2. I quite liked the bread scuplture - it was just the mouldiness that knocked me a bit sick!

    You already know my thoughts on your lovely weekend outfits :) Yay for the bigger pictures of the mural though!

  3. You look gorgeous Char! I wouldn't last an hour walking around in heels!