Wednesday, 24 November 2010

but you are so magnetic, you pick up all the pins..

not entirely sure why i seem to be 'mooing' at the sky here

a quick stop for an outfit pose outside our sunday lunch venue on sunday..the restaurant was nice and cosy, and the food was fab and filling, so a good job we spotted the sign on the drive past and decided to investigate..

my outfit consisted of:

a white cotton robot print dress, handmade a few years ago for me as a birthday present, but i really haven't worn it anywhere near enough..i love th print, and the red ribbon edging which i decided would match my red leather boots rather nicely - i did feel a little bad, as my friend has a pair of these boots from the office sale a few years ago, and i have longed for a pair ever since, so when i found them on ebay earlier in the year i was excited, although not entirely sure what the correct etiquette is when it comes to something you know someone else already owns - are you allowed to like it, but not own the same? are you allowed to own one as well provided that you check prior to wearing them, in order that you avoid a dreaded outfit-snap? or are you supposed to, as with a pair of teens in hereford the other day, wear them at the same time to go shopping together..? i figured that i probably have enough shoes that i can avoid wearing them in that particular friend's presence, and proceeded to place a winning bid on them..
the red shrug was a tesco sale rail bargain at £3 - not all that practical for the chilly weather, but since i was throwing this vintage fur coat oevr the top, i wasn't too worried..

as for the rest of the day, we decided to have a dedicated crafting session, and i managed to use up a few scraps and buttons from the sewing box to come up with somthing similar to a brooch i saw on a market stall a little while back, which i was quite impressed with - it probably took me about 30-45 mins in total, so i think i'll be creating a few more in my spare moments in the run-up to xmas..


  1. There's so much I love in this post - red boots, robot dress, amazing brooch...!!

    I'm not sure of the etiquette either to be honest ... I bought a dress in a charity shop a while back and wore it for work and my colleague said she had the same one - I THOUGHT it had looked familiar! Now I only wear it when I know she's on holiday. I've noticed she doesn't wear hers much now either, maybe in case I wear mine :S

  2. Oh and the title - I love the title too!! :D

  3. love that dress its gorge xxx

  4. love that dress its gorge xxx

  5. I say go for it - surely it just shows you both have awesome taste? Although sometimes it does require a bit of wardrobe scheduling, like with me and one of the girls at work and the amazing elbow patch H&M jumper we both own!

  6. What a fabulous dress! The print is delightfully fun.
    I don't mind friends having the same things as me or me them. As you say probs just not wear that when seeing them.
    More cute brooch makes. You have a a real talent for them. x