Tuesday, 9 November 2010

can't you see it's killing me, i'm my own worst enemy..

 some time ago, last time i did a wishlist post, i mentioned this laura ashley cardigan and how much i loved it, both the colour and the print appealed to me..unfortunately, the original price tag did not, so it went on the back burner, and that - coupled with my "no clothes in october" challenge, meant that by the time i gave it another thought, at the start of november, the ghastly website told me it was sold out..

happily, however, alex saved the day again and purchased it for me on her way home for 1/2 the original price, so when i went to visit at the weekend i was able to pick it up!! that was only four days ago, and already it's been worn twice (which is good going by me and probably shows that i'm rather pleased with it!)

first outfit: saturday - i did very little, but eventually decided to have a rather leisurely wander around the charity shops in llandudno in the afternoon, before the weather turned horrible in the evening and put a stop to our fireworks plans..

the dress is a newlife centre find, it's various layers of florals in a somehwat rara effect, which i like, and i figured the dark green of the cardigan would pick out some of those colours nicely, along with a pair of oxblood coloured wool-knit tights, which i picked up from peacocks the day before and are lovely and warm..
i then added some boots,  a fairly unexciting grey pair i picked up in primark due to the leakiness of the ones i had been wearing on friday..

i did do quite a bit of shopping over the weekend, with the main focus on of the pictures i took of some of the things i bought is below, in order that the detail of the purple primark top is shown, as the bow isn't that visible in the outfit photo below..

so in addition to the purple bow top, i bought lots of tights - red heart print ones from primark, grey rose print woolen ones from new look, and the red / obxblood woolen ones from peacocks, which are greta so i would consider in other colours also next time i'm passing..
the faux fur mittens are a new look find, and so so snug! one giant wooly scarf with a fox on it (h&m), various silky scarves from various charity / hospice shops (50p each) and a 50p necklace also from a charity shop..

as for today's outfit, i really wanted to wear the purple top, and as it's sleeveless, decided a cardi would go well over the top - i quite like the mix of purple and green..

and this is where it gets a bit odd..i tried a few skirts, but due to the nature of the length and shape of the top, nothing seemed quite right with i  remembered and hunted out this pair of grey trousers, bought several yrs ago in a moment of madness from primark..they're a kind of wool finish, so at least not that horrible polyester feel, but there is still something about them which is making me feel wildly uncomfortable in a pair of trousers..

i have added my purple high heels from new look, but there's still something i'm not sure far i've had 3 comments about how odd it is that i'm in trousers, so i guess it's not just me who thinks it weird!!


  1. Loving that cardi! Isn't Alex fabulous?
    You look gorgeous in trousers, you've got such lovely long legs. xxx

  2. Half the original price minus 10% ;-) Woop, woop! It looks fab on you.

    I like the trousers - you look super tall and slim! People are probably just commenting cos it's something different for you.

  3. Oh Char,
    you really suit trousers, you should wear them more.

    And oh so in love with that cardi!


  4. Wow fab cardie and fab price!! I see some nice bits in Laura Ashley but I am not keen on her prices :(
    Kandi x

  5. that cardie is adorable! and i'm so lusting over the floral tights and fox scarf :) x

  6. You got the cardi! It's really lovely. Odd as it is to see you in trousers they really suit you =) x

  7. I saw your comment on closet 365 and just HAD to know who out there had the words "dino princess" in their address. And then I click the link and find a girl wearing the most awesome dog sweater ever? I am digging you in all sorts of ways now.

  8. Your legs looks AMAZING in those trousers Char! Love the cardigan, so cute and 1/2 price!!