Monday, 15 November 2010

it's a bad day please don't take a picture..

a little plea for help today, please..
my camera is gradually dying and i could really do with some suggestions for a new one, as i am super-hopeless when it comes to technology! does anyone have any suggestions; my current one is a sony cybershot, which is on the whole ok, but i think i'd prefer something that had a slightly faster shutter speed than i can seeem to set mine to, as sometimes by the time it actually gets round to taking the photo, whatever it was i was trying to take has moved, or flown away, or got bored of waiting..


  1. I know zip about cameras, sorry! My little Samsung one lasted for ages and I was quite happy with it until it randomly broke.

    My SLR is a joy though, especially the multi shot option on the self timer. Depends what your budget is really.

  2. I own an SLR, it's the Canon 500D. You can control the shutter speed, you can auto focus, set the brightness. It takes such crystal clear pictures. :) xx

  3. I am in the frame (geddit?) for a new camera too so I will be watching this space for responses.
    Kandi x

  4. I'm afraid I'm not much good on technology. Hope you get something you like and works for you. Agreed the one in the pic is fab! x

  5. I'm not a vintage bird for nothing. I've got a Finepix A405, it's the size of a house brick and causes much hilarity amongst my chums. We have got a super duper modern camera but it's far too complicated. I broke my original Finepix and this replacement cost me about £6 off of eBay a couple of years ago. xxx

  6. I don't really know about camera, I just have canon ixus 80 is


  7. I have a Sony Cybershot too, and I find it to be a great little camera so long as you don't use the flash too much. Especially considering the price!

    My boyfriend has a Panasonic something with a Leica lens which takes awesome pictures, but is a bit more money...

    That pink camera is really cute!