Wednesday, 3 November 2010

just hangin' by a moment here with you..

 thursday started off as a bad clothes day - i must admit i'd spent most of the week suffering from the "body blues", and whilst i love the cheerful print and shape of this pink dress, i just felt uncomfortable in it, as though it was just highlighting all lumps and bumps, so i decided to change before i left the house or i knew i'd be feeling self-conscious about it all day..

outfit two of the day - i changed to this polka dot dress, with blue cardi and matching sparkly blue office heels, which were a surprise gift from a friend several yrs ago..this outfit seemed ok for the day at work, and i hastily painted my nails with no7 'poolside blue' before leaving the house, too..i love the bright shade..the recent no7 vouchers in boots have definitely led to me updating and expanding on my nail polish collection..
i also added a gold necklace with a bicycle pendant, from accessorize, so that at least i had some jewellery - i tend to forget, despite owning so much of the stuff!!

then, outfit three of the day (!)
having been invited to go bowling with some of my friends during the day, i popped home after work to change and decided that one of my favourite-ever dresses may lift my mood..this h&m beauty is probably one of my favourite dresses ever, and never fails to cheer me up..i'm not even entirely convinced i know what the pattern is supposed to be, but as i fancied wearing the red boots (as my blue shoes were hurting the backs of my feet which were already blistered :( ) i figureed it would go pretty well - this did mean i changed my nail polish as well - probably a little excessive, and no wonder my nails are so shabby recently, but i did feel a little better in this outfit, and had a lovely evening bowling :)


  1. I loveeee all these outfits Char! I haven't been bowling in AGES, must see if anyone wants to go!

  2. You look gorgeous and really slim in all three of them - don't have the body blues :(

    I especially like the H&M frock with all the red accessories. V, pretty.