Friday, 19 November 2010

keep on running, there's no place like home..

welcome to a whinge about my hideous start to the week..
first of all my washing machine is broken, and has been leaking all over the floor, which isn't good, and is made worse by the fact it's an old model which i can't get a new part for anymore.. (lucky i have a lot of clothes!)

then, on monday evening i managed to drop a parcel between getting out of my car and getting into my flat..which would have been ok except that when i went back outside 10mins later to pick it up, it had been taken..which is rather frustrating, both for me and the person it was supposed to be off to..

then, on tues, i took a day off and waited in for someone to finally sort out my ongoing complaint with the most unhelpful electricity company ever, and when it got to the end of the 8-1 slot, they hadn't turned up..on my third phone call of the day to the complaints department, i was told the appt hadn't gone through their system properly, so hadn't been booked..even though i had been sent a letter to confirm the appointment..what a waste of a day's holiday! grrr. they now wish to reschedule the appointment, which means another day of wasted leave and still nowhere nearer to sorting out the problem..ugh!
oh well, my week has subsequently got a lot better with the arrival of various new pairs of shoes, and a pattern for some pj's which i am going to try out as soon as i can manage to fit some sewing-time in, and also a paramore concert (outfit to come)..

but for the outfit of the day, i saw this pair of shoe boots in the pile in my living room, and felt sorry for them that they hadn't been worn yet, so found a dress and outfit which went with them, and decided to give them a first outing..
they were a pair of irregular choice i'd never seen before when i spotted them on ebay, and the picture in the listing was really blurry and awful, so i managed to get them for less than a tenner inc. p+p which i was very pleased with..

they aren't my usual kind of style; the heel is somewhat shorter than my preferred height, and i generally do steer away from pointed toes, but i was so taken with the shade of teal, the gold detail and the little duck charm on the front, that for these i made an exception..

dress of the day is a h&m one, also an ebay find which i paid a total of £6 to the seller for 4 dresses, so another bargain in my eyes!! i love the colours, and the print, as well as the bow at the neckline and the funky buttons..i added a new look shrug, and some bracelets bought in the phase eight jan sale..


  1. What a stressy week! Hopefully a nice weekend ahead though :)

    Those boots are fab! Hurrah for ebay sellers who take crappy photos so that you can take advantage of a bargain.

  2. Wow what a fab bargain on the dresses! xx

  3. I really love the print on the dress, it looks lovely. And I got your letter the other day, my reply will come soon! xxx