Saturday, 20 November 2010

maybe if my heart stops beating, it won't hurt this much..

eep, first of all may i just apologise for the crazy weird look on my face in the pic to the right - not sure what i was trying to achieve there!

following such a rubbish start to the week, i have to admit it got a whole lot better on tuesday evening as i headed up to the LG arena in Birmingham for a Paramore gig, which was quite frankly brilliant..the support acts (which i quite often find let the overall concert down) were great, a band called FUN. which i have to say i hadn't heard of, and B.o.B, who were really good..

the only bad part of the evening was that the venue let itself down by being so badly organised when it came to managing traffic exiting - there were so many security people to check tickets, and supposedly get the traffic flowing well, but we sat in the car for 45 minutes in a queue for the exit of that car park before we even moved once..but overall it was totally worth it!!

my outfit for the evening was a green lacey dress from primark, with the chunky rose print cardigan over the top and some pumps, as we had quie a way to walk between the car park and the venue, mainly over grass..the paramore tshirt was obviously purchased at the gig (i think i have a tee from every gig i've been to so far!)


  1. That's such a nice design for a gig tshirt - I often think they're really unwearable post-gig but that one is lovely.

  2. love the pics! I think you need to come and check out our sitE!!

    that is only if you love vintage clothing...