Monday, 29 November 2010

so shut your eyes, kiss me goodbye, and sleep..

i'm quite relaxed after a rather quiet weekend..
i hadn't really made any plans, because i had spent every evening last week out doing things (mainly guides-related, two meeting evenings, and a panto)..

so i set myself the weekend aside to work if i was asked to, and otherwise to catch up on my housework etc..i also decided to give this PJ pattern a go, as the lovely nikki sent it to me last week after our recent trip to the abakhan fabric warehouse in north wales..

i found this shark print tshirty material, and also some dinosaur print stuff, both of which i thought would be plenty for some pyjamas..i love pjs and figure you can never have enough..

i cut these out and this pattern took hardly any time at all..i was a little worried the Medium size wouldn't be big enough for me, and so left a smaller seam allowance than it suggested to make sure they'd be big enough, and in future i probably wouldn't need to..also in future i would probably turn them up a little more as this pair are kinda long..i don't mind that too much, but maybe a couple of inches more wouldn't have hurt..but i love the print, and as soon as they were finished i lounged around in them, making some brooches to go in with xmas presents, and watching the box set of mad men..


  1. I cannot get over how fab these are! x

  2. They are incredible, I'm so impressed. xxx

  3. Wow you clever thing they are brilliant!
    Kandi x

  4. Love them! Might have a go at making some myself - I'm so tall and although the shops have realised that tall girls like to wear jeans and trousers, they seem to think we don't mind our jim jams flapping around our ankles - and in this weather I most certainly do! :)

  5. We must hit Abakhan very soon - I want me some pj's!!

  6. You are so clever missus! Awesome print. x