Tuesday, 30 November 2010

wake up..grab a brush and put a little make up..

 over the past week or  so i've been having even more trouble sleeping than usual, which has meant that by the time my stupid sleeping tablets have kicked in, i've been sleeping right through to almost 8am, meaning i have had to get up and leave the house, in the space of about 10 mins..

this, combined with the fact that my washing machine still has not been fixed, means i am having to use up all my clothes one by one - i realise this could take a while haha!

so the next dress on the just-ironed pile the other day was this bright blue floral number, which cost me a bargainour £4.99 at the newlife charity warehouse on my last visit..

the cardigan is a topshop one, picked up for next to nothing on ebay some time ago, and the shoes are a pair of irregular choice which don't get much wear..i'm not usually a fan of kitten heels, although i do own several pairs..


  1. Likewise on the sleep front :(

    How can you still dress so nicely in such cold weather? *jealous*

  2. That sucks that you are struggling to sleep. Hope it settles itself a little.

    I'm with Laura. How do you dress so pretty in the freezing cold? You look fab. The dress is lovely and such a bargain.


  3. Oh that dress is so pretty. I'm tempted to go back to New Life soon but I don't think I can spare the time or the cash before Christmas :(

  4. Gorgeous dress and very enviable shoes! You must of been freezing though!!

    Konad is a nail stamping system, very addictive!