Wednesday, 15 December 2010

i want someone provocative and talkative, but it's so hard when you're shallow as a shower..

 do please excuse the fact that i look like an absolute mess. this skirt was purchased from the primark sale rail, and i think i had decided i hated it within about ten minutes of putting it know that feeling in a shop where you think "that'll look great with...." and get all excited about the fact it's pretty, and has beads and looks all fairytale, and is only £5...? well, that's the feeling i had in the shop, and right up until the time i put it on, got to work and the stupid beads started to fall off en masse, and the stupid hems started to fray, and the stupid underneath layer kept riding up over my tights, and just generally caused me stupid, self-conscious skirt worries all day..
i think it doesn't help that i teamed it with rather frumpy garments, and then spent the day feeling like a total mess! it's been relegated to the back of the wardrobe, and will probably be used for something else, as the beads are falling off anyway..


  1. Shame, as it's a super pretty skirt. I really love your cardi! x

  2. Oh dear! On a lighter note, I love the cardie!

    I don't think I'll have any crochet tips to share with you anytime soon! Am gonna hit youtube as some people suggested! xx

  3. Om gosh I take it you really disliked this outfit :)) Hate days like that I find when I wear an outfit I dont like it ruins my whole day until I get home. I do like how you styled it though looks great styled with the chunky knit not frumpy at all more quirky xoxo

  4. great find! thrifting is so fun! :)

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  5. That's so annoying when things fall apart right away! Even if it is Primark it should still be fit for purpose and not fail at the first outing.

    Lovely cosy looking cardi.