Tuesday, 7 December 2010

if life is one big pool, i'll be in the deep end..

i was wandering through town after my first shift in the shop, last week, and noticed that peacocks had a large sign in the window to say that all ladies footwear was 50% off - who could resist?!

so i popped in on the off-chance they would have the pair of blue shoe-boots i noticed when in hereford with alex the weekend before..

and they did..and they were only £10! the only bad part is that due to the snow, i haven't really had a chance to wear heels all week and have been frumping around in flat boots ;S


  1. oh why does my local peacocks not sell the nicer shoes :( love them Char x

  2. Oh I wish I'd bought the mildly tacky black ones!

  3. Great shoes!!!
    xoxo from Hannie

  4. Yeah, the snow is thwarting my pretty shoes at every turn, even Converse barely made it thru the ice this morning, aah! Awesome shoes tho :)

  5. Only £10, BARGAIN! WOW they're gorgeous! x

  6. They are gorgeous. Love the colour, love the price. x