Thursday, 16 December 2010

i'll take a bruise, i know you're worth it..

 still playing outfit catch-up, this was another outfit worn last week, consisting of a dress i found on my last trip to newlife, for all of £5.99, and a cardigan i lusted for for several months, before deciding to buy with my birthday vouchers on my bday shopping trip much earlier in the year..

the necklace was a present from the lovely alex, which i really do not wear anywhere near as much as i ought to!! considering the name of the blog, i don't do enough dinosaurs, so i figured this post would help with that..

as for footwear, i wore some primark pixie boots, again - boo :(
due to the weather, which is kinda ok again now, and how nice it is to be in heels again - at least until the return of the snow towards the end of the week (boo!)


  1. Oh wow, that necklace = amaze! I love this outfit, it brightens up the day! xx

  2. Ohhh that necklace is soo cool, wear it more! I love the cardi too x

  3. I am adoring your sweater, it's just so sweet. =)


  4. Fab necklace!!! The whole outfit is great. We are back to serious levels of snow here so I think that was about 6 days without wellies. x

  5. My shoes are beyone dull right now with this shitty weather!

    And, you're right, you should efo wear that necklace more often. It's ace!