Sunday, 19 December 2010

set sail on concrete waves..

quick outfit post today:

this skirt was from new look earlier in the year, and i wasn't really sure about it but after much deliberation decided to keep it, and thought i should give it another go the other day..i'm still not entirely sure whether i love it, but the shape and the pattern i do like, just not sure whether it's actually really unflattering and makes my bum look huge! :( the green tshirt is also from new look, as i figured something plain..i added the trusty crop blazer to try and smarten the look up a little, and then black tights as i think the skirt is too short for anything other than opaque!! i wasn't sure if the contrast between the heels and the tights was a bit too much, but thought these shoes would at least go ok with the rest of the colours in the outfit..


  1. it doesn't make your bum look huge!

  2. The skirt is gorgeous! As for those shoes, argh, will I ever track down a pair in my size??

  3. The green colour looks gorgeous!

  4. you look so christmassy! that skirt is adorable.

  5. Ooh, excellent skirt, looks good from here! And those shoes again... I'm a bit in love! :)

  6. I adore this outfit!