Saturday, 5 February 2011

and all the perfect words they seem so wrong..

a bit of an unexciting, picture-free post today as I'm trying to do this from
my the moment I'm wishing for the following things, bur sadly it's links only as I'm not sure how to import a picture on here from
the phone!
I currently love this accessorize floral satchel:

one of my guides sent me this link the other day to say I need this:

this pendant is lovely:

and i'd like to be able to make something like this, but I have no idea where to find the sorts of beads to sew on..

and finally these utterly impractical but very pretty gloves:

hope everyone has a very lovely weekend!


  1. I'll be honest, I didn't look at all the links but the beading intrigued me and the collar is ever so pretty! Either a local crafty type shop or online would likely be best for the beads - I usually find standard haberdashery (spelt right? Who know!?) expensive for beads and quite narrow in choice. I think you just inspired to me to go looking for a full skirt pattern tho, so thanks! (After going to the gym which another pal inspired me to do!)

  2. That capelet thing is lovely and you have my respect if you attempt it! I don't actually think it was that expensive for Topshop, was expecting it to be about £60!

    *Must not start flicking around Topshop website. Must not start flicking around Topshop website. Must not start flicking around Topshop website.*

  3. I still think that satchel is overpriced but when did Accessorize bags ever come cheap?

    You should definitely treat yourself to the tshirt, it's brilliant!

  4. Lovely bag. Think it's the same as the brown one I bought but in florals. Very pretty.
    I'm sure you could make something similar if you can track down beads. I've only ever bought beads for jewellery making and I'm not sure I've seen ones like that. You must get them somewhere though.
    Oh and you do need the dino tee in your life. x