Friday, 18 February 2011

you're just like the rest of those girls..

so a few weekends ago now, i went to liverpool, and had a bit of a primark spree..i think it's been fairly difficult to miss the pictures of some of the new season items which are gradually hitting the stores and seem to be on everyone's wishlists..this poppy print skirt is one of the items which was on my shopping list..finding it in store was easy, there were three different rails of them on the ground floor alone, so i am sure that it'll be one item which is spotted a lot over the coming months, but with regards to the item itself i was pretty impressed..the pattern is lovely, with striking colours, and both lined, and a layer of net for volume, which i love with skirts and dresses!

the colour scheme lends itself to nautical trend items very well, and i was pleased to dig out this pair of blue and white striped heels with red patent platforms and heels, which i purchased years ago now from office..i love this pair of heels so much that i even got the pink version in the sale later that year, they are pretty high, but unbelievably comfortable for a day's wear..

this navy top was a great find on the same trip to is probably fairly obvious, my wardrobes are fairly lacking in plain coloured staple pieces, i always seem to get drawn towards colourful, quirky prints, and leave behind the sensible choices.. the top is sleeveless, with some neckline detail, which means it's not totally boreworthily plain, but i figured i have a lot of skirts i could team it with, and at £8 i think it was a well-priced, versatile bargain..


  1. Oh Char I was hoping you'd blog this! I adore that skirt - was uber tempted to buy it for myself last week but I'm trying to hold back. And those shoes! They nearly make me change my mind about peeptoes.

  2. Those shoes are mega sexy but soooo high, I would get vertigo!
    That skirt is a little treasure, I saw a girl in it at the weekend but hadn't realised it was Primark.
    Kandi x

  3. Aaht hey may be the best shoes I've ever seen on here, I want them badly! :)

  4. Totally fabulous! Lots of lovely bright colours. xxx

  5. OHMYGOD the shoes, i want the shoes! x

  6. Love that skirt, but my god it's the shoes that are killing me! WOW.

  7. That skirt's ace. I have tried so many things in Primark of late and found the fit horrible or that they're already falling apart. I'm sure there's a moral in there somewhere...

    I had those Office shoes but the elastic on the strap stretched every time I walked and, in spite of the strap, I kept thinking I was going to lose them! So I sold them on eBay for a pretty penny. Good times!

  8. That skirt is so pretty! You look lovely in this outfit and those shoes are amazing! Seriously though comfortable? I think I'd be dying after an hour! x

  9. Oh my those shoes are delish!!!

    Pretty skirt too :D

    Sal xXx