Saturday, 30 April 2011

can't make my own decisions, or make any with precision..

its' been a rather exciting week of awards! this one came to me from Sophie at CGDN, Lauren at Gotta Love a Trier, and Tasha at Tasha's Treasure Trove (all of which you should be reading if you don't already !)  and the rules are set out as follows:
kreativ_blogger_award_thumb[1]1) link 10 blogs;
2) tell these bloggers about the award;
3) write 10 facts about yourself;

1 & 2) basically (this may be cheating) i have looked at a lot of my favourite blogs and i think i'm going to find it difficult to find 10 bloggers who haven't yet been tagged with this, so can i leave it open to anyone who sees this and hasn't yet done it / wants to..
3) ten facts about myself, even with thinking time this is going to prove difficult, but here goes:
one - one of my least favourite phrases is "pop of colour" - i have hated it since i first heard it (not exactly sure why) but hate it more so now that it seems to be everywhere in magazines / websites etc..
two - i am such a terrible procrastinator. i find that i can't do anything at all if i
haven't written it down on a list with a deadline..i'm hopeless at leaving things to the last minute, os have to try and compensate for this with the deadlines i impose on myself..

three - i have two younger sisters, one who is in her 2nd yr of uni, and the other just about to start her gcses, so i'm supposed to be the 'sensible older sister' :S

four - i dread to think about how much money i have spent on shoes over the past few years..irregular choice in particular of course, they are my vice, although recently i have been struggling to find anything i particularly like from the new collections..

five - i can't stand milk..i must have liked it as a child, but i couldn't drink a glass of it now..i can't stand it at all, even in coffee, porridge etc..

six - i really don't like it when people let their dogs run around off their leads..i'm not sure if i like dogs or not, i have always grown up with them, but have never had any p articular desire to have one of my own, and i certainly do not harbour any desire to be licked, sniffed etc by someone else's dog who i have never met..i always laugh when someone says "oh they're alright, just being friendly" and also when idiots go up to dogs they don't know and stroke them / make a fuss of them..serves you right if they don't want to be accosted and you get bitten!

seven - more things i can't stand - melon and cucumber..if i eat either of them, they make me physically sick :(

wow i'm turning into a right whinger!

eight - i am completely converted into being a total CSI fan..i used to want to change the channel when it was put on, but now i can't get enough of it - i even went to the CSI experience in the bullring last year for my birthday, and it was fabulous! i cant' decide who my favourite character is, but have named my 'pet' cactus Callie, after one of the Miami characters (nerd!)

nine - i seem to like to exist in total chaos - my flat is full of clutter, and always seems to be in need of tidying..and yet if i go somewhere else i am more than happy to tidy, it just seems to be my own home which i cant' seem to get in a neat and tidy state!

ten - i'm always told it's weird that considering that i always dress in girly dresses and skirts, some of the things i love are so boyish - horror films (the more gore the better!), american chopper, dinosaurs, pirates and robots, and cars..

sorry that i couldn't think of very interesting facts, i find it really difficult thinking of things to say about myself!


  1. I also hate loose dogs. Its really innapropriate and I especially hate it when mine is on a lead, as he's not friendly to other dogs at all.
    I feel so lucky I haven't caught the shoe buying bug. I've heard its catching!

  2. You're so right! "Look how the pink pops against the green!!", that kind of thing?! I would just say "contrasts sharply" haha! It's one of those roll-your-eyes phrases.

    And Callie Cactus? Love it! (Do I suspect that you, like me, have cacti because your forget to water ordinary plants? I seen to exist, nay thrive, on chaos too!) x

  3. Oh I could rant about irresponsible dog owners all day. Even the good ones have a habit of thinking it's fun to let their pet jump all over you. Well no, it's really not! Some of us don't like dogs!