Wednesday, 20 April 2011

here by my side, in my summer..



i'm not sure what it was that drew me to them, but i tagged along to primark with my mum and little sis last week and ended up with these trousers..usually i hate trousers! but i think the colour of this pair had something to do with it..i tried them on in the shop - something i NEVER usually do - and thought they were fine, but when i came to wear them on sunday i think i have done my usual and overestimated the size of my giant thighs/hips/waist area..i had to hold them up with a belt, but there is something about tight-fit / skinny trousers which kinda scares me, i'm convinced i'm too big for them, so i try to avoid them at all maybe i prefer the fit like this..
another new purchase - well in fact the entire outfit was new - the floral sandals..also from primark, they had a lovely selection of  sandals at the moment, but i had a bit of a task finding something suitable - i have some kind of weird phobia about my ankles, i can't stand anything touching them, of potentially catching them - i'm not sure why, but it means that i'm quite particular about sandals which zip at the back of the ankle..these were ok as they have another layer of fabric between the zip and the foot so i don't have to freak out..
as for the top, i love the fabric, and the peter pan collar detail, it was a 'new in' at tesco clothing - available here on the website and in a few different colours - and for £10 i think it was a bargain..i went for this colour as the collar was all white whilst the others seem to be matched to the fabric print, but they were all lovely and it wears well..i felt quite weird in trousers, but i *think* i like them...


  1. Wow I think that's the first time I've seen you in trousers! I couldn't live without my jeans and trousers - they're so easy to wear, don't blow up and show your knickers in the wind etc!

  2. i love the colour of those trousers! i saw them in primark and was tempted but they did look skinny-fitted and i've got too many pairs already... not that i wear them! i do like the loose fit on you, the whole outfit is so summery! xx

  3. These are my dream trousers. You look freaking amazing Char xo

  4. I love the colour of these trousers! Normally I am a dresses/skirts fanatic but recently I have been wearing trousers a lot more, they are just so much easier, especially if you are in the park or something :)

    Maria xxx

  5. After getting over my initial shock, I have decided that you look just as good in trousers as in a dress!


  6. Ooh I really like these, love coloured trousers, in fact since I was 10ish I've wanted red trousers and I still dont have a pair! :)

  7. I really like the melon colour, especially with florals. Good buys, all! : )

    Oh, and as someone with hips, thighs, a belly, etc. I always find it good with more fitted trousers to roll the hems up a few times. For whatever reason, at least to me, having them a bit cropped distracts from those areas I'd like people to be distracted from. Gets a bit cold in the winter though!