Tuesday, 5 April 2011

i will sever the tie sever the tie with you..

Days 4 and 5 of the April Shoe Challenge

i'm finding it a lot easier to do some catch-up posts with a couple of pairs / outfits at a time, as i have a few other review posts to put together in the next week or so, and have finally finished out book club read, so want to do something on that as well..i will still post all of the pairs..i have thought of a problem though, as i am taking my guides away on a holiday next week tue-thur, so i'm not sure how much heelwearing will occur then..that may be a point at which i fail, or i could run the challenge three days into next month....?

anyway, day 4..

DSC05851DSC05847 this same outfit has been worn before a few wks ago, and i have to admit i liked it a lot more the first time around..yesterday i must have caught my car keys in the stitches about six times, and just felt like the oversized, shapeless charm which drew me to it in the store, made me feel frumpy and shapeless this time..i still love the skirt, buth when i put the outfit together i couldn't help being peeved that i had worn the alphabet boots already, as i would have liked to have put them with this outfit..which is mad as in all the time i have owned the alphabet boots i havent' worn them and now i can't get enough of them!?!

DSC05850 in the end i went for this pair of green irregular choice mushroom heels, another IC pair i own in every possible the past i have worn this pair day in / day out for a long while, but i realised i haven't worn them in a while, so i threw them together with the primark skirt and aforementioned frumpy h&m knitted vest..perhaps some of the discontent was to do with the fact that the weather was nice and springlike when i first wore this outfit, whilst yday wasn't so good!

day 5 - frump week continues..i had a bit of a shoe dilemma yet again this morning, i chose a pair and then decided to change it as i wanted to keep the first pair for later in the month - and i bet i don't get around to wearng them now!

i love all the components of this outfit, the dress is great and i own all the possible colours in that as well (are we beginning to sense a theme?!) and the cardi makes me think of cheerful springtime..i'm just not sure about them together..
shoe-wise..i ended up with a pair of yellow peg-heels, by irregular choice again (of course!) as i have a bit of a thing about short dresses and high heels, and not having enough confidence for the two to got together most of the i changed to this pair, which i was so excited to find after a few years of scouring the web for them - they turned up on ebay and my sis got them as a birthday present last year which was lovely of her! i love the cute little people design all over them..

i hope everyone is having a nice start to the week.. so far i have just not got enough done.. i have lots still to organise for this guides trip next week, although my last meeting of the term went well with them last night and we did lots of crafts and gained a rather lovely easter badge..i have so much crafting which i personally want to get on with, but i never seem to have the time!


  1. Both of those pairs are fab! I love the mushroom ones best I think! Also that yellow dress is great on you.

  2. the people shoes are awesome! xo

  3. Oh that cardigan is gorgeous! I love your shoes too, so girly and pretty :) xoxo

  4. I would love your shoe collection!!!

    Keep enoying them sweetie can't wait to see more xxx

  5. Ooh you look all summery! Love the cardi and shoes in 2nd one, shoes with people on def rock! :)

  6. ooo I love irregular choice shoes, sounds like you have a right collection!! also liking your challenge, I have loads of heels which I don't wear enough, so much easier to slip some flatties on

  7. oooh love both pairs! I really need to get myself some fun shoes!

  8. Char you look utterly gorgeous in the second outfit. It's so pretty and summery. Lovely shoes. Great challenge. I'd definitely say run it a few more days as a guide holiday is not the place for fab heels. X

  9. Wow! These are great too! Also I love your cardigan xx

  10. Oh I so envy your shoe collection! When I get married (not on the cards right now but in a few years maybe!) I want to be wearing IC shoes <3

  11. Re, wanting to wear the boots again after not wearing them at all before - maybe that's a good thing about the challenge - it's making you rediscover shoes you'd forgotten, and think of them in a different light?

    I love that cardie :) xx