Friday, 1 April 2011

i wish nothing but the best for you..

how glad am i that it's the end of this week..things can only get better from now on!
i've sorted out the flat in terms of the issues i've been having with water etc, and the wardrobe room was a big start to this year's spring cleaning, which is now well i said to a friend last weekend, i'm spring cleaning - both house and life!

as for the 'life' part- i know it's not necessarily been the most enjoyable week of my life, and yes at the moment i may be hurting a lot..but i know it's the right thing..all i can think about is how i want things to go back to the way they were a long time ago, and realistically that is never going to happen..i know that i've been stupid, as i've made excuses for the way in which i have been treated, and blamed it on the stressful situation he has found himself's also good to know that i can come out of the situation knowing that i did everything i could possibly do to help..but it's wrong that i have spent more time worrying about his problems than he has, and that i should care so much about him when he doesn't even care enough to ask how medical appointments have gone when he knows how much i've been worrying about them..he seems a lot happier now, and i think that's a good thing - clearly i wasn't the person to make him happy, and if he's moved on to someone who does, i genuinely think that's good, as regardless of everything else, i still care about him and want him to be happy - i guess it's hard to teach yourself to instantly stop caring about someone who had been a big part of your life..i know it'll take time but i'll be a lot happier it's a good thing - even if it's difficult to see that straight away..
another good thing - i went to see the guiding woman about my be honest all the way there i was sort of dreading it, i wasn't sure what my goal was going to be over the year, and i felt so crap that i was worried i would end up in tears..but it was fine, the woman was lovely, really helpful and generous, and i took some of the dresses i have made from the same pattern, along with the pattern, and we discussed ways in which i could improve on the design, make it more fitted, invisible zips etc..i'm rather looking forward to working on it actually..

onto today's outfit:
i've had this dress for several years now, and i think it is one of my favourites ever..i've worn it ever so many times, to a lot of lovely occasions, and it always makes me was a gift, and is only a george @ asda dress, but that doesn't make it any less favourite..teamed with my office nautical platforms, added to the fact that i have had to cinch it in with a wasit belt (the exciting part of being down being that i've lost another 6lbs this wk!), have made me feel quite cheerful in this outfit, all in all..which is a good way to start the weekend, right..?




  1. this is one of my favourite outfits on you Char,
    and those shoes *swoon* xxx

  2. Thre dressmaking sounds ACE - must be brilliant to be able to get one-to-one tuition like that! Jealous! x

  3. Wow 6lb in a week?! That's almost half a stone! Well done on the weight loss :) I dunno if my walking is paying off yet but I'm trying! That is agreat dress, George do some lovely pieces.

  4. Oooh I love that dress! Don't remember seeing it in the wardrobe room though, perhaps I was blinded by all the other floral frocks?

    And please stop calling yourself stupid! Things have happened the way they have happened - caring for someone, regardless of how it ends, doesn't make you stupid.

  5. I really loved your dress and shoes! The colors match perfectly! Very good choice!

  6. you look beautiful - well done huni, keep it up xxx

  7. I love that there are always shoes piled willy nilly behind you. I hope things look up for you.

  8. Well done on losing 6lbs, thats fab! Love your dress, so pretty! So glad your dressmaking session went well.

  9. cute dress!
    love it paired with the red cardy :D
    Rosie xo

  10. Love the dress, its so flattering, and you're wearing my fave shoes too, awesome outfit! :)