Wednesday, 27 April 2011

let the sun shine..

i would like some sunshine please = lots of it!


when the sun was out a couple of weeks ago, i finally got a chance to dig out this playsuit- i purchased it from the sale in vera moda in liverpool last year, drawn to the bright floral print of course - and wasn't sure if i would ever be brave enough to wear it out of the house, but i did, as the weather was so lovely..

i did read someone's blog (sorry i can't rememebr who to link to the post) which was saying "if you are super rough, don't think you shouldn't cover it up just because the sun is out" and i'm thinking perhaps that applies, but as i only went as far as my garden, maybe it wasn't too bad..roll on summer, as i am not getting a holiday this year, i would at least like to 'catch a tan' (another phrase i stumbled across this week)..


  1. Ooh very pretty and summery :) the weather has been so good yet I haven't sat out in it... I probably should make the most of it!

  2. Gorgeous! Ah, how I wish I hadn't been having a paranoid thighs day when I tried on the blue one in that shop. I'd totally have bought it otherwise.

    I'm very confused by that rough comment - prob just me being thick though. Anyway, you can never be classed as rough so pfft!

  3. you look great in that Char x

  4. That's such a pretty playsuit, you should definately wear it out.
    What a vile thing for someone to write. We get so few lovely days here everyone should make the most of them and sod what anyone else thinks. xxx

  5. You look fab Char, love that playsuit & you should definitely wear it out!

  6. love the pretty colour and print of your playsuit, you look lovely with it on. I feel a bit odd in my playsuit, I haven't worn it properly yet.