Saturday, 23 April 2011

meet me on the equinox, meet me halfway..



i was inspired to wear this outfit a little while back after one of  my posts ended up with a couple of comments telling me to check out Get Cutie if i didn't already know of them..they are a brighton-based brand who make handmade skirts and dresses in retro fabrics, and this reminded me that yes, i do in fact own quite a collection of their fabulous printed skirts, and also a couple of dresses which i don't think have had the wear they after the wardrobe clearout (phase1 anyway) was complete, my skirts didn't require quite so much digging out, and i decided i fancied cracking out one of the patterned ones..i really like the design on this, and eagle-eyed readers may recognise that i have a pair of irregular choice kitten heels which have a very similar, if not the same, print on them..i didn't wear them together - not sure i could cope with being quite that matchy matchy..

next on my Get Cutie wishlist is this Circle Skirt  in sewing machine print fabric - amazing!! :)


  1. that skirt is so pretty. I love yellows but find them so hard to wear.

  2. Wow the prices on that website have suddenly inspired me to make my own clothes!!

  3. The wish list skirt is delish! I am dying to get inside your wardrobe - it just sounds ridic!

  4. You have THE Most amazing clothes, so jealous!

    Maria xxx

  5. Aah your skirt matches your shoes! Hehe I'd almost like to wear them together, just to see the reaction! :)