Sunday, 19 June 2011

leaving on a jet plane..



oh how i wish i was..i had to spend my Friday lunch hour in a travel agent today for an assignment, and the thought of some of the lovely places i could be jetting off to rather than this rainy town at the moment make the weather seem even that little bit more miserable..
i was meaning to get this post up yesterday, but everything this week seems to have been so busy that I just haven't hadthe time- hopeless I know..

this dress was one i found and tried on in one of the vintage shops in manchester last week at the meetup, and i really like the print, but feel like it will need a little altering to put in some darts to make it feel a
bit closer to the correct size - it has no manufacturer tag and looks to be handmade..the greY leopard print cardi and tights were to pick out some of the grey in the pattern (both primark) and given the weather i felt it necessary to dig these boots's June ffs!

as a rather nice end to an insanely busy week, i had a sewing lesson after work on friday, these photos are to show what stage this dress was at before I went, and the 'after' shots are to follow..there's still a lot for me to do and it may seem that i am only making really slow progress with it, but im pleased because im not cutting any corners and will end up with perfect alterations to my physical pattern which will mean that any similar dresses inthe future should fit perfectly without the need for any alteration!


  1. Much better to learn slowly and learn how to do it properly, than whizz thru' and do a botch job!
    You can then take pride in your achievements and not be niggled by that 'if only...' everytime you wear the dress.
    Good on you, Char!
    Have a great Sunday!
    Z xx

  2. I know exactly what you mean about bringing the old boots out. I am wearing thick black tights because its so cold! I am hoping our summer was not in May! Tragic!
    I love the pattern on the dress, good on you for taking your time! You will get a perfect dress then!:)

  3. I still don't remember it - had I fallen down a hole when you were trying it on or something?! Anyway, it looks fab!

    Glad the dressmaking lessons are going well. She sounds like a fab teacher.

  4. The fabric on that new vintage dress looks wonderful, you'll have it fitting in no time.
    It hasn't been as bad here as forecast, it's surprisingly warm today. xxx

  5. I'd love to have sewing lessons to make my own dresses, fab idea xx

  6. Gorgeous dresses, I still really envy your sewing skillz! I also have hair envy, your's is gorgeous!

  7. she sounds great, and you're doing so well, those are brilliant! xx

  8. I love everything about all these photos Char!

  9. Oh I would love to have sewing lessons, dont worry about it going slow it will be worth it in the end. Both dresses look lovely. On one had I am glad I can still wear boots but on the other I just wish it would stop with all the raining!!

  10. That dress looks lovely on you Char, really lovely.
    The second dress looks amaze, i love the print x

  11. Oh I could do with a holiday too!!! Nothing at all planned sadly. Loving the look of that dress so far, can't wait to see it on! x

  12. Your dress looks really cute <3

  13. I love your dress you're making, the print looks so pretty. I'm so disappointed that the weather hasn't picked up again :s

  14. Ooh love your handmade dress, the fabric is mega pretty! :)

  15. Fab dresses! I had those boots- or at least an identical pair- I don't have them anymore since they were what I was wearing when I slipped in the ice in December and broke my wrist- too many bad memories associated with them!

    Sewing classes are a brilliant idea!

  16. wow your sewing projects are so impressive! I'm useless at sewing :(