Thursday, 30 June 2011

oh I will never be the best thing you never had..

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apologies for the poor quality of these (iphone) photos, my camera was playing up the other day but i did not want a momentous event like this go un-photographed....

i think that, after years of falling over the hemlines, feeling like a frumpy, pregnant lady, and generally showing too much cleavage in them, i have finally found a maxi dress to rid me of my uncomfortable feeling towards them..i won this from ebay a while ago now, and it had sat in my "to alter" pile until i was feeling a little inspired the other day and decided to alter it before work - i put a couple of darts in, but it's still a bit roomy so will need them expanding a little i think, but i liked the effect with the plaited belt (nicked from another dress) and the high heels, which didn't seem quite so ridiculously tall under the length of the dress..

shoes  - they are the same office style as my beloved nautical high heels, which i wear a lot..the style, although you wouldn't think it, is really comfortable, and i have had no problems wearing either pair for a day at work, or a meal out in an evening (usually involves a walk from somewhere or other, as i am usually too cheap to pay for parking in my town - "everything is within walking distance!" is what i tell my friends..)

dress - vintage laura ashley, so fabulous quality of fabric, which if it's not clear from the photos is a kind of khaki colour with pink floral print..when it turned up i remember being a little disappointed that it wasn't how i'd expected..but i think i love it after wearing it!


  1. The dress looks lovely - I want! x

  2. I really like that dress. It works so well on you.
    Those shoes are INSANE! I'd have do work from the comfort of my bed if I wore those.

  3. It is a fabulous dress. You are the Laura Ashley queen. x

  4. gorgeous shoes!!

    XO Sahra

  5. Gorgeous dress, amazing shoes...I am in love!

    Maria xxx

  6. you damn well should feel good in that dress and those heels!!! What a fab look and I cannot believe you are comfy in those shoes. They would ruin my feet!!!

  7. The dress is so pretty and suits you really well. You look lovely. I love the way you've cinched in the waist with the little belt too. I don't think I could ever wear a maxi dress as I'm only 5ft. so it would swamp me a bit too much, which is a shame because I've seen some nice styles too. I hope you're well lovely! xxx

  8. I love the rose print! And the shoes are the most divine colour!

    Lost in the Haze

  9. I was just thinking how much they looked like work shoes ;-)

    Perfect with the dress I love an unexpected, beautiful shoe. I am the same with maxi's I have never found quite the right one, I can do midi's but those couple of extra inches are alluding me. I like the floaty style of yours, maybe I should have a look for something similar x

  10. Ooh Char I really like you in a maxi dress! I found it weird getting used to long skirts/dresses after having not worn them for literally years and years but I think they're fab now. Just need to try harder to track down the perfect one - so many drown me!

  11. Ooh I love it too, excellent find! I'm loving pleated belts at the mo too, wear mine constantly :)

  12. Love the print on this dress it really suits you :)