Thursday, 20 October 2011

do you think you're better off alone..

dress: new life charity centre

tights: new look // cardigan: tu at sainsburys // heels: primark

i'm not sure whether i'm a huge fan of this mix of coloured tights and shoes, but i was in a bit of a rush this morning to get out of the house so just grabbed the first things i could think of..i read somewhere the other day about matching the colour of your tights to your shoes for longer legs..i realise that this doesn't match, but i think that's what inspired me to mix the colours..  

DSC06826 DSC06803 DSC06806

and finally some new bits and bobs to get excited about..
  • lovely blogger victoria from lily loves lola sells these pretty friendship bracelets here so i decided to use some of the survey points i'd cashed in towards a purple heart one - so simple and yet so pretty!
  • one of the people who helps at my guide unit picked up this little guiding bear somewhere with me in mind, he's now living in pride of place on my bookshelf :)
  • i've been getting through the no7 vouchers like there is no tomorrow - this is the latest nail polish i picked up with's called 'me me me' and has lasted well for the first half of this week, until i went swimming..
  • my newest addition to the shoe heap - alex managed to place a winning bid for me on this pretty pair of lilac irregular choice heels, whilst we were driving back from the vintage fair a couple of weeks back..until they arrived i hadn't realised that they have clearly never been worn before - a total bargain - now just need ot plan an outfit for them!
  • and finally, i've had my eye on this green knitted cape from river island for a while now, and have been checking whether it's been in stock in any of the stores i've been to over the last few months, but hadn't seen it..when it was put into the sale last week on the site, i decided i couldn't resist it any longer..i think it will be perfect for the cold weather over a dress and some boots; again, i just need to find a suitable outfit for it..
so plenty of things to keep me happy..who needs men (brave break-up talk there, right!)

also, if you fancy signing up to secret santa, the details are on my last post - drop me an email, the list is growing :)


  1. I love the tights and shoe combo Char, seriously fab x

  2. Love the colour of your shoes & your hair looks gorgeous :)

  3. I love the capes from River Island. I got the red one in the sale just waiting for it to show up (and hope I don't look like little red riding hood in it lol) Love the idea of the bloggers secret santa to :) X

  4. That friendship bracelet is really lovely! I keep not knowing what to get with my no7 vouchers, think I'll try a nail varnish with my latest one. x

  5. I love the dress and tights together, really pretty. I love the shoes but like you say, maybe not quite right with the tights?
    I have about 5 of those No.7 vouchers at the min, i'm going to have to go and do a buying session i think.
    Also looooove the new shoesies! x

  6. I think the shoes and tights go well together even if they aren't a perfect match.
    I really need to find my most recent No7 voucher! I don't make enough use of them!

  7. that green cape looks amazing. How fab that it went on sale!
    Hope you're ok x

  8. Nice dress!

  9. You look so pretty in this outfit, I also really like the look of the draws with the face behind you ! That made me smile. This outfit is similar to something I would wear.. must see if I can find a similar dress.. yours is such a fab charity shop find !

    Also I just wanted to say in regards to your comment on my blog that things will get easier. You must try as hard as it is to stay focused and positive. Keep yourself busy too... if you need to talk you can always drop me an email, Im full of ideas about focusing on the positive .. xx

  10. Love the outfit! I think the shoes and tights go very well together. What a shoe bargain :) and I WANT your hair!

  11. Wowser, I LOVE those shoes, I really have a thing for orange shoes <3

    Ah secert sandta, amazingggggg, wish i wasn't so skint!! xx