Friday, 11 November 2011

and who’s gonna be there when i’ve lost control i’m heading to crashland..

the top photos are what i *wish* i had worn today..i dug this skirt out of a pile of ones i haven't worn for ages and ages (along with my beloved collection of Get Cutie skirts which i had tidied away and almost forgotten about)..i decided to team this top with it (i guess it's a mushroom colour?)

and this pair of taupe heels which were from ASOS years and years ago..these shoes are a mystery to me - i have no idea why i bought them, they are not the kind of thing i would usually go for, at all..i think this every time i wear them, and every time i do i consider getting rid of them, but i don't, because they are confortable, and a nice neutral colour for when i'm having a shoe dilemma like this morning - i could think of two pairs i'd like to wear but neither were at my house, so i was having a bit of a strop!

then when digging through one of the drawers for a cardigan to go with what i had so far, i pulled out this feather cape / collar thing, still with it's tags on (apparently from primark at a cost of £10 and i can't for the life of me remember purchasing it!) and decided it'd be the perfect finishing touch..

and then i remembered i work in an office of not exactly what you could call fashion-forward-fellas, and i'd probably get it laughed i changed the cape for this boretastic black cardi instead..

skirt : vintage motel // heels : ASOS // top : h&m // cardigan : tu at sainsburys
cape (above) : primark // necklace : white stuff


  1. You may've changed into the black cardi, but in your heart I bet you were channelling that wonderful capelet. It's georgous! The shoes look great too!
    Z xx

  2. One day, darling, ONE DAY, it will be the day for feather boas. Perhaps today was not the day. But all the same that skirt was lovely :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. Love the skirt and shoes! xx

  4. Aaaah, I wish I could wear a capelet for school too! I have a cute little grey furry one!Still the cardie is nice! I like this outfit, it is really pretty!

  5. Ahhhhh faux fur. My favourite! Can never have enough! Love it when you find things you have forgotten about!