Saturday, 26 November 2011

anger inside builds within my body.

pink and greay tweed heels: irregular choice
clown print jumper: h+m (via ebay)
pencil skirt: new look

cardigan: h+m
an uninspired friday's office outfit..i woke up to find the cold which i thought i was rid of by wednesday this week, seems to be back with a vengeance..after a few false starts in terms of outfits, i finally dug out this skirt, which i had almost forgotten i had, and paired it with my h&m clown jumper..i was rather pleased, both with the fact that my weekly weigh-in told me i had lost another couple of lbs, and that both of these items feel like they fit a lot better than the last time i wore them..

the good thing about having a cold is that my overall body temperature seems to have gone down, so where i would usually be too warm wearing a sweater, i can manage it without any problems..every cloud and all that, huh?

i threw on some irregular choice heels with a pale pink feel to them, and this wardrobe-staple cardigan, and snuffled my way out of the door..hope nobody else is suffering with the winter sniffles :/


  1. I like your positive approach to illness! I hope you get better soon - it's no fun having a cold is it! Yay, polka dots! lovely!

  2. It really has gone cold! Love your polka dot skirt :) x

  3. I love your heels, and that polka dot skirt looks lovely on you. Argh, hope you shift the cold soon! xo

  4. How is it that you look this good, even when ill? When I feel that amount of shit, usually I look ten times more shit. Life, is not fair!

  5. I love the polkadot skirt!

    I hope your cold gets better soon, even if it does make jumper wearing easier!

  6. I sort of love that t-shirt, but it also sort of terrifies me.