Monday, 7 November 2011

just to keep us warm, light a match to leave me be..

a whole weekend round-up as i feel like i am falling behind with my photos ! i have got such a backlog of outfits to post, as well as a whole notebook full of post-ideas, i've been having a lot of blog inspiration recently, which i am putting down to the fact that it's all coming out of potential novel-writing time, and since i started trying ot write this novel i have found that my procrastination skills have improved no end!

outfit one - i wore the new shorts again, i can't get enough of them, and really like them with these tights..i wasn't sure about the top with the rest, total pattern-clashing, but i couldn't find anything better, and wanted to get out of the house, little sis and i went for a massive walk into the next town, down the beach and round the shops, and then back to our village, a good 4 or 5 miles in all, which was nice and relaxing, with a suprisingly mild weather day..

outfit two - i managed to pick up this cardigan on our travels, as peacocks had a 30% off knitwear promotion - i love the wool, so soft and fluffy, and also the lovely rich autumn colour..i couldn't wait to wear this either, and figuered it would match this pair of socks quite well, and a floral dress which i believe is from tesco clothing (again, i know!!) i went paddling in the sea (although unlike little sis i kept my wellies firmly on my feet for this!) and then headed home in the evening to catch the fireworks in my town, which are on the showground right next to where i live, so i was able to get a fabulous view from the warmth of my kitchen worktop! i really love fireworks !


  1. You'[re soo lucky you have a beach so near you! It looks gorgeous!!!

  2. I ADORE these two outfits, those shorts are amazing and I love the colour of that cardigan!

    Maria xxx

  3. I love the second outfit and it sounded like you had a great time :)

  4. Loving the look of that Peacocks cardigan, scrummy colour! Hope the weekend was ok, the walk sounds nice, and the fireworks look awesome. I love fireworks too, I'm such a kid when it comes to bonfire night. I even managed to get a toffee apple this year!

  5. love your coastal photos and your gorgeous red cardi, looks super snuggly!

  6. Ha my procrastination knows no bounds too! I'm especially good at letting ebay stuff pile up then getting fed up with it and shipping it off to the charity shop! Loving your Tesco dress, I gotta check out their clothing sometime... :)