Sunday, 4 December 2011

easy come, easy go..


tights: peacocks // belt: local boutique // lace body: primark

dress: matalan // cardigan : river island

ok so this is where i prove that i am not very easy to please..recently i did a whingey post about my weight-loss attempts, right here if you missed it and you like that kind of thing..

so why, when i was trying to put together an outfit to go to the shops with my little sis, was i so frustrated to find it so difficult to find anything to wear which actually fitted me?! i think i'm annoyed because the parts of my body which i am not / have never been overly happy with, don't seem to be the parts which are losing any of the weight..i'm not really sure how to change that - so far i think i've lost about 1.5 stone, which is ok, and mainly down to swimming a hundred lengths almost every day..i have also been doing a hundred sit ups / crunches every morning, and i'm trying to get myself back into the 30day shred, which i think works well, i just need to dedicate more time to!

so yes, it's going quite well, but at the same time, i was not all that happy when i discovered that some of my favourite 'go-to' dresses, were no longer suitable to just 'throw on and go'..i think i got around the fit of this one by adding a lace body underneath it, and cinching in the waist with a belt, but i still didn't feel all that comfortable with the overall result, so don't be suprised if it ends up making an appearance in the blog sale page soon..or on the alterations pile..


  1. I really like that belt! Actually I like the whole outfit :) Deffo try and alter it, that dress is lovely :)


  2. weight loss is a funny indeed weight gain. It never goes from, or goes on where you expect or want it to.

  3. Weight loss is weird, like Laura says it never ever goes from the places you want it too.
    I really like the colours in your outfit, you look lovely as usual xxxx

  4. you're doing really well, you should be proud of your dedication. I am hopeless at sticking to my plans. You should definately try to stick with the dress, it looks fab.