Wednesday, 14 December 2011

in a sweater poorly knit, and an unsuspecting smile..


these are the purchases i made when i was at the bullring a few weekends ago now for the brumblogmeet..i was clearly in a bit of a cardigan frenzy; i can't seem to get enough knitted goodness recently ! the green and the pale pink ones are from h&m, and the reindeer and rabbit print ones are from forever21, where i had to get a helpful assistant to get them down from the highest rails with a pole..

i was fairly restrained in primark, i avoided the kmitwear section, as i figured that four was enough for one day (!) and managed to find a few things which i loved - these gloves i have worn almost every day since purchasing them, i certainly seem more drawn to tweed prints this year than i ever have been in the past..and i could not resist the stripy heels! i also spent one of my vouchers on these topshop wolf earrings..

later on, we went to the pop up vintage fair in amongst checking out the stalls at the xmas market, and i picked out this dress, whcih i think after a little altering will be rather lovely for wearing in the spring.. anyone else made any exciting purchases recently.. ?


  1. I am going to have to hunt down those stripy shoes!

  2. Ah I love the gilet and stripey shoes, so pretty! I bought 3 pairs of tights this week, my underwear obsession has shifted slightly to socks and tights, sigh... :)

  3. I am gutted I didn't see the bunnies, I would so have purchased!

  4. I love your knitwear goodness! I want a reindeer cardie quite badly, I have a pattern to knit one but it's beyond my abilities at the minute... one day!
    kandi x

  5. Oh that reindeer cardi is lovely, i'm off to find it on the website. I can't believe those shoes are Primark, they're gorgeous x

  6. Great buys and loving the shoes!

    If i'd have realised the meet up was in Brum I'd had tagged along.

    X x

  7. Those gloves are lovely! I bought some purple leather ones recently.. very much needed in the cold weather! x

  8. love those cardis. What a spree! Those gloves look really fun x

  9. Ahh, that deer print cardi! *swoon* <3