Thursday, 26 January 2012

hello new shoes, bye bye them blues..

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Since i first heard about the sarenza ambassador competition, i've been trying to find the words to explain, but I really can't pinpoint when my love of shoes first made itself known..For as long as i can recall, i've always been a 'shoes person'; expensive, designer handbags have never been my cup of tea, I'd opt for a pretty pair of shoes every time! When I was little, I used to long for a pair of jelly sandals with the cute little heels and glitter, and would dress up in my mums heels pretending I was a princess..

Anyone who knows me knows this love is no secret - at the last count I had enough pairs of shoes  to wear a different pair every day of the year, and the collection is still growing..Come to think of it, even those people who don't know me that well at all, refer to me as "the girl with the shoes"..I like to take this as a compliment, as I'm quite proud of my collection..As someone who has often struggled with self-confidence, I can confirm that there is nothing else like the feeling of confidence you get from walking into a room with a pair of heels on..Often people don't think that they could make such a difference, but they do!

Irregular Choice have always been one of my favourite brands, and come payday I can often be found scouring the web for more pairs from the perpetual wishlist of all of the styles I would love to own..This pair of Burlesque Beauty is top of my current list - the mix of patterns and colours grabs your attention, and yet they keep to a rather restrained palette of blues, which i think makes them perfectly acceptable office-wear..The corsage detail on the front, along with the floral print fabric make me think spring is on it's way, and of course the trademark printed sole is eye-wateringly beautiful..

I know they'll be an absolute dream to wear; Irregular Choice have gone for a tried-and-tested courtesan style which they've been using for years (much to my delight, I can wear a pair for hours with no bother at all, and they are such a flattering shape!). Add to that fact that they are currently on the Sarenza sale with 10% and the bargain-hunting section of my brain is trying to tell the rest of it to stop writing this post and click over to the 'add to basket' button..!

Yes, maybe I do have enough shoes to wear a different pair every day for a year, but isn't 2012 a leap year?!


  1. I love them! I want a wedding to go to now.

    I always buy shoes & get an outfit to go with them, even for my wedding!

  2. I love this post!
    I blame the Shoe People for my love of shoes, do you remember them?!! x

  3. Those shoes are gorgeous, the soles are always so magical and every pair is always so unique. Good luck in the competition :)xxx

  4. Char you have so many shoes! Love the colour mix on these :)

  5. Those shoes are amazing Char, good luck in the competition! xxx

  6. These are the exact apir of shoes I can imagine you in Char, They have your name all over them! Good luck!